2117: Highway Wars (Submitted, closed)


sounds like an interesting suggestion… lets see what others think! (I do agree that it has a nice ring to it…)



Thanks! i’d love to see my suggestion integrated! :wink:


What do you think that the AI in the mountain base should be called? UNA was my original name, though AIDAN (Artificial Intelligence Defence Analytics Netwrok) was suggested by classified.

  • UNA
  • Other (please suggest below)

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AIDAN seems original, but that my personal opinion


it’s spelled Artificially not artificial
And Lmao looks like my name is pretty popular XD


New update is up! The story doesn’t go any further, but I have completely re-read and changed some things in chapter 1, before leaving Zamora. There are now more background options and some extra dialogues, and an extra ability (cunning) was introduced. This lets the MC do some things like cheat at gambling, or convince some of the mercs to join him without paying anything upfront (thanks @poison_mara and @Jacic for the conversations earlier, I also changed the names of some of the personality variables, though I need to re-read your posts and think again about this…)

I’m about to go to the airport now, but more updates will follow later, including changing the name of the AI (as the new suggestion by classified seems far more popular than my initial name!)


Glad I could be of service! I’m currently working on my own wip now but I’ll continue to help out where I can. Best of luck! :wink:


I only recently have started reading your work but from what i have read so far, you have done a really good job. Keep up the good work


It says colour of my eyes when i choose the colour of hair


Cheers, and thanks for the bug report! My internet connection for the next few days will be very poor, so that is why it may take me longer than usual to reply. Any other suggestions are greatly welcome.


I dont know if it is a bug but its strange


Yes, not quite a bug, but almost the end of the game at that point. I need
to work on that part and where exactly the house will be…


Small update (about +3,000 words, including code… this takes the total so far to ~117,000 words), continuing the path of rescuing Teresa’s brother. There will be two ways to do this, though only one has been coded so far.

@Bl00dHunter, the location is no longer indicated as “%%%%%%%%%%%%%%” but now has a correct place.

@Classified the AI’s name was changed to AIDAN, thanks for the suggestion!

My concerns at this point is that the story already branches off quite significantly, and that the random tester doesn’t give me an accurate feel of the average number of words per read (for example, the computer hardly ever follows the path I just wrote, so I’m left wondering which parts do people think are more interesting? In this sense, which of the ending threads you would like to see extended, and which do you feel are not so interesting?)


Just did a full playthrough and I didn’t do any of these. :stuck_out_tongue:

I let the mutants live for now to save the historical items (I was hoping to get the other Marshall to help take out the mutants and maybe pay me a fair share for the info), I followed the engineer out of town and then failed at saving him on the road, I did not romance Raquel although I was really quite fond of her and I would say that we bonded quite well.

Slightly annoyed that AIDAN found me… Untrustworthy? Not entirely sure what caused my loyalty to be in the 40s, but I guess I was just a bit too independent and rebellious in my thoughts.

Also, both my gunners died pretty anticlimactic deaths. The Frenchie died in the roadblock mine, and the mercenary sniper lady instantly got shot when we engaged the ones who bought the engineer. Thankfully I did not have to pay them.

When I got to the final settlement (Borgas?) with the engineer I reported that I did not have the engineer, for some weird buggy reason, and then I instantly got hit by shrapnel from the explosion, which was a bit of a downer.

Love the game and the concept though! :slight_smile: Definitely a fan, will see what other arcs can be found in other playthroughs. I really ought to try to do the opposite of what my guide tells me to, and see how bad that will make the trip.


Yeah, that was… odd. I was all “I’m a Marshal, I shall do this because it’s right!” and was “untrustworthy”.

I DID rescue the guy with AIDAN’s help, and I said I didn’t rescue him… and died from a shrapnel shower. :frowning:


@Haresus, Thanks, actually that helps a lot! (to know what players are thinking while they go through the story). The idea of the MC asking money for the information about the mutants is interesting!

From an earlier poll it seems nobody really romances the navigator, which leads me to think that I need more character development there… mmmmm

@Haresus, @FutbolDude21586 Yes, AIDAN judges the MC based on loyalty… I guess you must have both had low loyalty? The idea is partly that the past history of the MC is written on the ID card (so I am extrapolating the MC’s actions in this story as how he must have also behaved in the past…) But if many other people object to this I can change it? (there is never a point continuing with a certain way of doing things, if most readers think it is wrong or can be improved, and the change to AIDAN is a great example of this!)

The last sequence is indeed very buggy. I’m hoping to work on it during next week, potentially looping it back to the “war” part of the game, which is mostly still in my head, or just letting the MC finish the story there.


@FutbolDude21586 I corrected that bug, so the game should now recognise that you have the engineer with you. Also, the game goes one choice further at that ending (not much of an update, but I was mostly busy tying in other parts of the game and solving some other bugs)


And another small update, bringing the total word count to ~123,000, and the playthrough count to ~29,300. The arrival to Burgos part has been debugged, and some of the endings of the game formalised. The MC can now take part on the defence of the city against the invaders, and hopefully all that section of the game will be completely finalised soon.


And yet another small update… combined, the updates made during the last week take the word count to ~125,000, and the average playthrough to almost 30,000. The Burgos section of the game is now “finished” (with endings 1-10 clearly identified at the end of the text). Overall, there are a few thousand words extra in this section, allowing the MC to take part in the defence of the city , and getting rid of a number of bugs. So, that branch of the game should be almost ok by now (maybe this means the game is 90-95% complete, at least my initial scope for it, and I only have the AIDAN branches to be tidied up).

Also, 5 illustrations have been added to the game (let me know what you think!)

Do let me know what you think of the endings of the game so far. Particularly, I want to know if you feel they are anticlimatic, if the game feels too hard/easy, etc…


So, the main core of the game, as I had originally intended it, is more or less finished (I have to work a bit more on some of the parts were you meet Maria and try to rescue Teresa’s brother, and the part with AIDAN). However, I have some other bits and pieces of the story (side distractions, and extend some of the endings) floating in my head, though I’m not sure where to concentrate my efforts.

So, I decided to ask. Out of the list below, which would you rather have in the game?

  • Extra dialogues with navigators (to get to know them better, etc, +5000 words)
  • Colonisation of Mars (slightly extended version, +5000-10,000 words)
  • Conquering neighbourhood regions (i.e. leading an army to conquer the areas around you, with AIDAN or other warlords +10,000-20,000 words)
  • Exploring Valladolid (+5000 words, encountering a tribe of meat eating humans)
  • More roadside encounters (+5000 words)
  • Other (please let me know in comments below!)

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