2117: Highway Wars (Submitted, closed)


Just played the demo for the first time, this is excellent work. Getting to the UN compound was really cool, I’m in some serious suspense now!

Your gunner always gets blown up, right? It seems like spending money on Bernard is always a waste then?


Thanks for the suggestions, I really like these ideas on how to improve the game. Probably will implement them in the next updates.

@ZoilusthePedantic well, there are other ways he/she can die, but whoever is at the turret will die sooner or later… sorry, I wanted to reinforce the cruel nature of this dystopian future!


I’ve really enjoyed what you’ve got so far. There was an oddity I saw. There was a message about a “petrol subroutine” not sure if that was meant to happen or not. I have this screenshot of it


@Dark_Lord_Vul Sorry, that is just an error message to remind me that I need to create that subroutine, and what happens if you run out of gas… towards the end of what is currently there you might encounter some other problems (the game majorly branches out at that point, but either path should give you the same error at present)


Sorry to anybody who has been following this. The WIP is still alive, though it has entered a “sleeping phase” to make way for my CSComp entry (April I was trying to clear off many things with my daytime job so that in May I could concentrate on my entry, and June I’ve been recovering/playing catch up with things that accumulated). This WIP will be finished, though progress might not properly restart until later in this year… anyway one of the branches of the game is almost finished, so the game is partially playable as it is (any comments are still welcome, though I might not act on them for a while…)


@adrao Happy to hear it! One of my favorite WiPs. I’m playing right now, as a matter of fact.


good to hear i really enjoy this game


Finally managed to get some time to update the game, though the update is only about ~2000 words extra on the U.N.A. mountain base part, which will now branch back towards Burgos, or let the player proceed into two new branches, the “highway wars” branch, and another shorter one following U.N.A. I’ve started to write the highway wars part, which should be the final main branch of the game, and will try to finish the “Burgos Attack” sequence

Anyway, could you let me know which is the branch that people enjoy the most, so that I can concentrate on that? Do people usually head to U.N.A.'s base or manage to rescue the engineer at Magaz and head to Burgos?

I’m hoping to make some good progress on this in the coming couple of months, as I feel the game is nearing completion (currently it’s about 112,000 words long, with average playthroughs of 27,000 words)


Managed to write another couple of thousand words tonight, and started on the “conquering wars” part of the story (finally!). So, overall not a bad little update today in the end (just uploaded today’s second update…)


It has been awhile since I played, so I cannot be 100% certain, but I believe I usually had to rescue the engineer (I feel my character protects the “innocent” wherever he can).


Yes, but there are two major ways to do that. One is to rescue him at Magaz, and the other to follow those who buy him… which leads to the discovery of the mountain base and U.N.A. . Basically, I was wondering how many people go down each of the routes, so that I can think of where to concentrate my writing on…


To help me work out what most people are doing in the game, could you let me know which of these three “branches” of the game people have followed? (multiple choices allowed…)

  • At Simancas, go into the castle and kill the mutants
  • Manage to rescue the engineer at Magaz, then proceed to Burgos
  • Romance Wilda
  • Romance the navigator (whoever it is that you choose)
  • Fail to rescue the engineer at Magaz, and then are forced to follow those who buy him to the mountains
  • Choose from the start not to rescue the engineer at Magaz, and just follow those who buy him to the mountains

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Liked the update. The latest scene has me feeling like playing Fallout again.

I think there is a bug with the hit points, but I’m not sure where. Despite not taking damage at any point the game said I was too injured to jump on the lorry when I followed that route on my second play through. When I checked my stats I had 32 currently with a max of 20.


Cheers, I’ll look into it. While trying to write new content, at the moment I’ve printed the entire game and I’m going through it line by line, trying to think of ways to improve it. so I guess I’ll have to do a control +F and look at every line that changes hp…


I choose to simply just proceed down to the UNA compound (which I think is awesome btw) when I go in I had to go through the same options several times before I got to the AI I jumped the gap went to reception then went to the emergency first aid again then I went to the reception again then again and then one more time before I was led to the AI. Are there supposed to be so many reception?


No… That sounds like a bug, I’ll try to look into it next time I have a
chance… Thanks for reporting it!!!


I have a suggestion for the AIs name you can choose to implement it or not. The compound name can still remain the same.
Why don’t you rename the AI AIDAN? Which stands for Artificially Intelligent Defence Analytics Network. And with the added benefit it would match the old world incredibly well. Everything else would still be the same. Can you see what I’m saying?


I do hope my suggestion is implemented though it wouldn’t take very long an it’d be so cool!


Bug found, when entering the Gym & Shooting range, and taking a shooting lesson.

I have 240 silver dollars, why can’t I buy them?

Spelling error found, when entering the El Desierto Rojo Bar. Found in the choice:
“I need to hire some crew members for a mission”.

"Oui, pas facile, though I like the challenge. I’m not as beautiful as the gorgeous Judy here, but I’m a better shoot!


In the choice “Well, I do know a number of jokes”.
Paolo is my navigator.

Note the best joke-teller himself, you are nevertheless mildly amused by his occasional attempts to tell some.


Bug found, when fighting the group trying to enter Burgos.

My character has no injuries, and 46 out of 40 health.


Thanks for those! I have just corrected them and will be uploading them shortly, along with a number of other bugs and typos I’ve found myself.

Regarding the hp problem, it won’t be so easy to solve. I guess I’m going to have to go line through line of the code and see where things went wrong… it’ll probably take me some time to get to the end of it…

In Aurik’s shop you need to have a melee combat ability that is high enough to be able to use them, just added a game mechanics note at that point.