2117: Highway Wars (Submitted, closed)


How about … Marshall of the free citys … or Marshalls of the Barrens/Wasteland


I kind of like Free City Marshall. Does it sound post appocolyptic enough though? Maybe not. Any other suggestions from people who’ve played?


I created a poll (with some recommendations I got, and other iterations of the words) to see which names sound good to people, and would convey well the feeling of this dystopian Mad-Max-esque setting. But, other suggestions are welcome!

  • King of the Road
  • Highway Fury
  • Road Demon
  • Lord of the Highway
  • Speed Demon
  • Marshall of the Wastelands
  • Wasteland Marshall
  • Free City Marshall
  • Highway Marshall
  • Road Fury
  • Highway Demon
  • Motorway Apocalypse
  • Highway Apocalypse
  • 2117: Highway Marshall
  • 2117- Highway Warrior
  • Highway Wars
  • 2117: Highway Wars

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Personaly I like 2117: Highway wars. To me you dont have to read the game description to expect it to be some sort of post apocalyptic scenario and the date is a nice touch.


I like Highway Fury. Btw hope this is updated soon. Sounds cool.


I just started playing through, enjoying it so far! I’m about to go look at Fernandez’s militia, to let you know where I’m at, but I’ve found a couple of suggestions already that I wanted to type out while I was thinking about it.

(And I haven’t read through either thread, so apologies if any of this has come up before.)

When choosing your nickname, it isn’t quite clear that this is something that’s going to establish your starting stats. That could be made a little clearer just with something in the narration, “nick-name based on your skills” or something to that affect. You could probably word it better.

As well, after the nickname, when the game asked me about my parents I said the one that was basically “mom was a highway marshall, dad stayed home and took care of me” and it moved around all of my stats, even changing which was my highest. Nothing within the text of the choice or the text prior suggested that it would have any bearing on my character’s skills, and in a game that says at the beginning that stats are important it feels like it should be very clear when you do things what stats might be affected. You don’t need to include in each choice the exact numbers by any means, but to make sure the player has good control over what kind of character their making you should make sure that it’s clear when seemingly innocuous choices will have effects on stats.

Sorry if this sounds overly critical, I’m definitely enjoying the game and the concept! But not too far in, so don’t have much specific to praise yet!


@HomingPidgeon Not at all, all criticism is welcome, and if you feel this way it is likely that other players also feed similarly! I will try to add some flavour or notes to the text, to inform future players of the consequences of these decisions. Please let me know if you have any other comments! (all feedback is greatly appreciated!)

@Kurvo I’m currently working on the next update, which will take one of the paths a few thousand words further… story is now branching in two directions (as the main storyline splits into two around 2/3 into the story), so progress might be a bit slower… I am hoping to have the game finished before May, but of course this is probably wishful thinking!


Ooooh I love branching stories. Its like 73% of why I’m on this website.

I remember playing this demo a while back and it war pretty enjoyable. The multiple partners we can bring in particular seem interesting. I was curious as to how much the game will differ depending on those people we bring. I only took militia people in my first playtrough because they actualy seemed interesting, it was cheaper and I was ready to deal with the lower quality manpower if it meant I would still enjoy them as people. As the author do you believe that the companions will feel a bit generic so you can focus on other parts of the game or do you think that their personalities are diverse and deep enough to be worth multiple playtrough just for the characters?

I remember playing zombie exodus multiple time just to see how a romance, dead characters and relationships would affect the story.


I just uploaded the latest version of the game, which extends the game several thousand words in various directions. The average read is 26,000+ words. @HomingPidgeon I also changed a bit the wording around some of the choices at the start to make it more obvious that the choice influences the stats (is it better now? Once again thanks for the feedback on that point! If you still think it needs additional information let me know)

Also, I placed the plugin that allows for the saving of the game, so people don’t have to go back to the start.

@cyanide I’m not 100% sure that the different characters are that different, though there is some differentiation between them. They are divided into 3 different personality types, depending on whether they are serious, playful or aggressive, and this will influence how they perceive certain of your actions (an aggressive character will have his/her relationship with you grew if you are generally aggressive, though not always). This also influences their dialogue, and the possibility of romancing them depends on your relationship and the way that you approach them. Finally, the advice that they give you is slightly different according to the character. So, there are some differences between them… a little bit of flavour if you want, but I’m not sure how different they really are? Has anybody played this enough to be able to let me know how do they feel and whether there are any improvements that can be made? (I did add the background details for each of them after some feedback I got earlier…)


Thanks to all who voted! I think I’ll change to 2117: Highway Wars. Although it wasn’t the most voted, Highway Wars came both second and third, and 2117 came in over 1/3 of votes.

Somehow the vote has also enfused me with energy and I’ve started writing more despite the little time I have at the moment!


For clothing, I’d like to see a spiked leather jacket with leather pants and worn boots. Also, brown eyes and brown, short hair are a must. I realize I’m late, but I still wanted to post my opinions.

Now, off to play the updated version!


Ok, will add the option for the next update! (Though it might take a while for it to go online… ) Any other suggestions on what to add? (Never too late to add things) :slight_smile:


I didn’t know this was yours I will try to helping you with feedback if you want.


@adrao, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t take this, and I tried twice. Was it because I already had the machete? If so, why couldn’t I just replace it with this? I want my hammer! :rage:

It was awesome to see a suggestion of mine make it in. Thank you. I believe I suggested the machete and tomahawk, too. Simply an uplifting experience.

For clothing, the main thing I wanted to see but forgot to mention because I really wanted to play was a mask of some sort. Just to be wickedly intimidating. Like a black ballistic mask, or even a skull mask.

Oh, almost forgot this, as well. Here you go, mate:

I killed the priest and the lone redhead check in the tents, but apparently one of them was imagined; it only says I have one kill.

And here:

I cut the poor bastard’s throat with my machete, but for some reason she said I shot him. :joy:

There you go. Love the new title, and the added story elements make it at least ten thousand times better!


@poison_mara great, if you can have a look I’d be happy to know your thoughts (I know you like to roleplay, so please note down any places where you think I should have inserted options for the MC to express his/her emotions, or any extra options that you would like inserting. I remember you gave me very good comments in TW…)

@ArchangelVoldemort cheers for the list of bugs, I’ll look into them (and once again, thanks for the suggestions about the weapons, I think they add a lot of flavour to the game, and do have an impact on it! I’ll add your suggestions also for the masks). Any other suggestions greatly appreciated!


Cheers indeed! Found another typo. Should be North. There you go!

I’ll keep running through and trying to find things. Thank you, and I appreciate it! With the masks, I’ll be able to craft more sinister characters. The whole reason I love this game is because of the excellent Mad Max-esque world you’ve created!

Edit: I actually do have another suggestion. Spiked forearm padding would make disarming blades and regular hand to hand combat much easier!

Second Edit: I just realized that the song Wherever I May Roam by Metallica goes so well with my MC! :kissing_smiling_eyes:


@ArchangelVoldemort Yes, metallica should be very apt for this game! Anyway, new version is up with the arm padding and correcting some other bugs that were highlighted by you and others. Nothing new yet, though hopefully I will make some progress this week…


@adrao Looking forward to it! One of my favorite WiPs!


There you go. Some more work. :joy:

Ah, yes, I have one last clothing request, mate.

Urban camouflage cargo pants. Since my MC is from America. That would complete his attire. :sunglasses:


@ArchangelVoldemort Cheers for those bugs, just corrected them and added the pants.

Otherwise, I realised that many people might have been missing the major plot branching at this point, as it was only coming about if you lost the car chase. Thus, I now added the option of choosing to go down that road (by going to the slave market). The plot branching should become clearer…