2117: Highway Wars (Submitted, closed)


Finally had time to replay, found some bug-os!




@FutbolDude21586 thanks for those! Just corrected those bugs and some others that I found myself. Let me know if you find anything else!


New update is up, tidying up lots of grammar throughout the game, though I still haven’t finished with it. What is your feeling about the grammar now?

  • 5 Stars (“perfect grammar”)
  • 4.5 Stars (good enough for a Hosted Games, there is the occasional issue here and there)
  • 4 Stars (good, but not perfect)
  • 3 Stars (so-so)
  • 2 Stars (not good)
  • 1 Star (terrible, unreadable!)

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Something I forgot to mention a while back though this may have changed by now, when you bring the second gunner with you to rescue Teresa’s brother you get an option on whether or not to kill them. If you bring them to the bunker though you automatically kill them. I guess it’d be harder to write them out of the story in that instance since you can potentially make the bunker your home, although this in itself could be a really interesting story telling opportunity to explore how someone so cynical and untrustworthy might react to the person who they tried to betray and kill not only sparing their life, but then gaining control of an army of robots.


Thanks, I’ll try to look into that part of the game, as I also had some other suggestions in a private message (it is a nice suggestion actually, and could include one or two extra choices, improving the feeling of the game…). This probably wont happen till after I get back from my new years snowboarding trip (niseko, glorious powder yesterday during night boarding!)

However, I just uploaded hundreds of grammar corrections and sentence restructuring (not to mention quite a few bugs) that I picked up during my flight back to japan.


Last version of the game is up, though I am still going to add a few tweaks suggested by @Shoelip and @Jacic. Once these are finished I’ll be sending the game straight to CoGs, probably in less than a week. So, last chance to read it…


Are the quickstart options properly leading to the altered pages or are they somehow leading to old stuff? Cause I haven’t noticed anything new using those, while things I previously reported are still there. Meanwhile starting at the beginning seems to have some things I don’t remember seeing before, though that might be just due to a failure of memory on my part.

I noticed that you can buy the blackjack even if you buy the more expensive knife. Is that intended? From what I understand that blackjack isn’t actually a non-lethal weapon in this game, but in that case it seems like it could be a way to unintentionally screw yourself over if you don’t realize the way things work. Then again maybe I don’t realize the way things work. I had thought that weapons are pretty much a linear progression in performance with the only other difference being that stabby weapons give stabby descriptions while blunt weapons give bone smashy descriptions. Is that right?


Yes pretty much the descriptions are the only thing that changes, though better weapons give you a bigger bonus…

I haven’t implemented some of the changes you suggested earlier (I just wrote now the possibility of letting the gunner live at base, and pardoning him her, or getting a new gunner). I’ll check earlier comments by you and jacic today, but let me know if you want any other changes. I’ve decided that come rain or shine I’m submitting the game in the 16th (5 days), as after that I’ll prob become superbusy again


New version up, allowing you to let the gunner live in the base area.

I’ve now been trying to debut the “conquering” part of the game. I think I should have managed to iron out most of the bugs. Has anybody else encountered anything? (basically, I’m concerned as this is one of the most complex parts of the game, with a lot of mechanics that could go wrong… any who haven’t plaid it can jump directly to the last parts of the game from the second or third pages of the game)

  • I didn’t find any bugs
  • I found only minor bugs/typos (characters changing pronouns, etc)
  • I found some small bugs, but the game still played correctly
  • I found many bugs. I got the feeling that the game could not be played in its present form
  • Other (please let me know)

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I followed the bandits holding the Engineer to the bunker and when I arrived I I brought Zafira with me and upon choosing an option the entire tab froze. I suppose this could just be due to me trying to access a page that was currently being edited or something though.


Sorry about that. I think I’ve made about 4 updates today (each time I think I’m done for the day -I’m starting to get that feeling of being sick with this game- I somehow prod myself to just get it finished). I just finished adding some more dialogue with the navigator in the last part of the game, and polishing some more sentences.

Anyway I’m very much done for the day now, so it should be ok to playtest the game now (without if freezing due to me updating it…)


There’s nothing to apologize for.

Here’s an easy one form the quickstart:

You order a bottle of alcohol from reception, which arrives minutes later, together with two glasses. It has a rather strong taste, and is is nowhere near as good as the stuff in the Free Cities, but still drinkable. Judy drinks very little, though she does tell you a bit about her serious parents and the strict upbringing he had, which instilled in her a sense of duty and the need for getting things done in the proper way.

“strict upbringing he had”… should be “she”

During the race you see a steel pylon ahead of you and must turn around it to get by. The top option seems to be missing a word:

Try to turn around as quickly as possible, while staying in the lead

Seems like it should be “turn around it”

Hm, I may have to clear my cache because I’m still unable to see the encounter with the gunner at the bunker, and in Maria’s base the corresponding encounter still includes several typos I think I already reported. Some of them look like misplaced brackets in the code or something (I’m not a coder) because I’m seeing styuff like {turret_his or the like in that section.

Ok so I checked it out a bit more thoroughly on a completely different machine and had the same problem as on my PC. In the gunner scene at the bunker if you pick any of the top three options it freezes. If you pick the fourth option to attack immediately it continues on and you have an option to spare or kill them. There seem to be several issues with gender pronouns getting mixed up here though. If you choose to spare them it says you cuff and gag them and go into the bunker, however if you then choose to leave the bunker and head to Burgos it acts as if you left the gunner with the ATC and they were killed by your navigator. If you choose to stay in the bunker it doesn’t mention the gunner again, but they stay as your chosen gunner in the stats page. That’s what I’ve found so far.


There’s a missing apostrophe and s after the second gunner’s name when you pursue the engineers captors and choose to hold steady to let them fire. “Liam reputation is well earned.”


Thanks for the tips and bug report. Clearly my new additions to the game resulted in some more bugs… I’ll try to correct the over the weekend or Monday, but let me know if you find anything else!


Suddenly, one of the bikers appears at your side, pointing a shotgun to your face. However, the woman with the two large dread-locked pony tails screams out. “No, he’s mine! He’ll pay for killing Alfredo!”

The biker accelerates away, firing instead at one of the militia positions, while shouting. “You’re the boss, T.! Make 'im bleed!”

  • my female character gets male pronouns

Captain Ismael starts to stroke his long greying moustache, while he considers your offer for a few seconds.

  • The sentence is repeated twice.

$(merc_leader_name} smiles. “Ya won’t regret it. They’re really awesome lads!”

  • visible code


Not sure if this has already been reported, but I picked Alvaro as my nav but was then taken to a scene with Joaquin.


Hmm seems like there are more bugs than anticipated. As a suggestion, I know you are tired and this marathon is almost over and you really want that feeling of accomplishment when you submit your work. I think it would be better if you waited just awhile longer, the bug reports are slowing down to a trickle so I think it would be best to wait another week or so. After all there are only corrections left. No more additions! @adrao


So, all of these should be corrected now (just uploaded new version)

I’m not sure if the version you were playing was the one before I introduced the changes. Anyway, there is an option now to release him/her (AIDAN will imprison the gunner, and this should be mentioned in the text after the battle with the gang outside). Let me know if this is not mentioned.

I have no idea why the game freezes when confronted with the gunner (also happens in my computer…)… I checked the code and everything is fine, and the website shouldn’t completely freeze anyway… really strange…going to post on the forum now…


Haven’t looked at this game for quite some time, but I just wanted to say that it is nice that it is approaching completion and that I look forward to buying and playing it on release. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to seeing this in the stores :slight_smile:

Is that on dashingdon’s? Have you tried opening it in a private window? Sometimes the cached files can make it do odd things.