Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- set for release 10/28/16

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I swear I played a demo of this when I first finished ZE wherein you

I took it down to re-design it. That scene will be back soon.

I wanted a slower build up to the apocalypse as opposed to day 2 total zombie takeover.

Which choice?

Hrm, that was the wrong choice of words. Event, I should have said. In every game we get railroaded into certain scenes, right? I didn’t mean it as an insult!

I type faster than I think, sometimes.

terrible foot-in-mouth syndrome.


I was suggesting the native import functionality with CS where you can save your gamestate at the end on their servers. You can include an import choice in the startup, but instead of importing a pervious gamestate for a sequel you just import your skill stats from the end of the same game. This choice would be unlocked via an IAP like “hint mode” in HR.

Now you’re just teasin’ me, Jim! :sob:

I don’t even know if he’s going to be an RO yet I’m already planning to pair up my police officer with him if it’s possible. Not gonna lie, I’m totally expecting a tragedy. I said it months ago, and I’m saying it again, but I am bracing my li’l gay heart 'cause I know someone is gonna make me cry, and, well… /points finger at Javier from ZE/ He makes me worry about Lopez’s survival. :sweat_smile:

Will we be able to romance Silfer?

Hmm… to reword it: Does the “food item” you buy make a difference, or do they effectively all do the same thing other than add 1 or 2 to your food counter?

Example: Buy fruit - +1 food. Buy steak - +2 food (that is how it works right?)

To me it just seems easier to have “buy food” as a general term instead of specific food items. Then just mention certain food items at checkout as text flavouring. It also throws me off that if I have enough money and I choose to buy 30 packs of chicken (so 60 portions if I understand correctly), I’m either going to have to do a lot of cooking/eating before it goes off (no power so no safe storage), or waste it.

I get that in reality different items would have different prices, but for me personally it kinda throws me off.

I’m kinda surprised you have to buy toilet paper rolls individually. I don’t know what it’s like in Colorado, but I’ve never seen anything smaller than a 6 pack.

Also, no canned goods?

I now have 60 persuasion but still can’t save Lyle using the cautious approach.

If you suffer from delusions you will abandon the neighbours house if you go to search it. Could a willpower check be implemented here to determine whether you flee or not? In the attributes it reads “mental resistance and impulse control” - could a high willpower control your impulse to flee the situation?

Since the generator requires two slots, could it also require two if you find it in the house with flashing lights instead of the strength check?

How much time does crafting use and does it vary depending on what it is? I was a little thrown off to see that after crafting an improved pole, bundle of sticks, ghillie suit and barbed wire, three hours had passed.


Don’t forget, one of the challenges is to play as a vegetarian. If that’s the case, it makes perfect sense to distinguish the foods between meats and non-meats. I’m not sure if that challenge just locks you from even being able to eat meats or if having to resort to eating meat raises the stress stat and stuff like that. If you just can’t eat meat at all 'cause of the challenge, then you definitely want to buy the fruits and veggies. That, or starve for your MC’s beliefs. :joy:

Oh, if I remember correctly, there’s no way to actually talk your way out of that situation peacefully - not without some casualties. They’re bandits/looters. They ain’t interested in peace. :skull_crossbones:

The only way to deal with them without any casualties is to either trick 'em or scare 'em off. I think the trick 'em option is the easiest to achieve seeing as it doesn’t really require a weapon. The intimidate option requires a gun, I think, or at least I would expect it to. Kinda hard to intimidate an armed gang with a baseball bat, y’know? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I could be wrong though, but I think that’s the case. I’ll wait on @JimD for his actual response. :wink:

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You used to be able to peacefully talk your way out of it without casualties, and he did mention above that it should be possible.

Re specific items:

In that case just make a check for *if vege and tailor the text. “foodstuffs” can cover everything.

We never really choose what we eat/cook. It’s flavour for how large a meal we’re cooking or it doesn’t specifically mention it at all. If we have a large breakfast with Lyle, it doesn’t matter whether we’ve scavenged 5 cans of food, or 8 mres, or whatever. It just adds on to our total food score.

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before (sorry if it has), but when trying to save Dante with the Springfield rifle, I wasn’t allowed to choose “Shoot at the infected from the safety of my home.” Is this intentional?

God, I can’t stop myself from getting addicted to this wonderful game! :sunny: I Love zombie games.

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Where did you start the game at? 'cause I just did a quick run on a police officer with the Springfield rifle as his primary weapon in the suburbs and I was able to select the option to shoot from indoors when Dante ran by. The option might be grayed out if your character’s dexterity and/or ranged weapon(s) skill isn’t high enough, maybe?

Really? I don’t remember it ever working… Not that option at least. I just rolled my police officer to have a total of 85% Persuasion and the option to try and talk things out peacefully still ended with a casualty. I’m gonna have to stick to my theory about having to trick or intimidate them for there to be no casualties. :cold_sweat: That, or it’s bugged.

Edit: Wait… @JimD, a question for you. If a survivor were to die while unbitten and uninfected (i.e. a bullet to the heart) and a zombie were to start nibbling on them… would they be reanimated? I was thinking about @NJG’s question and that kinda occurred to me. It’d certainly explain the in-game options to bash some heads in when the folks weren’t bit. :thinking: Preliminary measures and all that jazz.

If the answer happens to be yes, is there a certain time frame where they have to be bit for reanimation to be possible? Like, does it have to be a fresh body?

@ashestoashes018 I didn’t take it as an insult. I thought there was a choice that made you feel railroaded but yes certain events are automatic (plot points).

@cascat07 I understand now. I’d have to run it by CoG if I wanted to give a New Game+ option. It sounds like enough people like 50 SPs for $1, though I am still not sure it’s a good idea.

@Lithophene here are planned ROs of those people you may know about (introduced NPCs):


Jaime, Madison, Brody, Kelly, Jillian, Dante, Lopez, Woody, Rachel, Parker, Julianne, and Rosie. If a name is not listed, he/she is not an RO

@Nick_K please see spoilers above.


vegetarians can’t buy meat. Also food shortages will occur. Right now, it’s hard to see since there’s little to do on day 3, but once there are 15 options and you choose to go to Thelma’s at 8pm instead of 10pm, chicken will be sold out.

I am planning for the future resource needs. I want to let people stock up for when you have other survivors living with you. 60 portions will go fast. If you don’t add any additional NPCs, you will still need to feed Woody, Madison, Brody, Jaime, Parker, and Rachel by day 4.

I’m implementing code to allow buying >1 item.

Coming in the next update.

I will need to check things out with that. As @Lithophene said, I didn’t think that group would respond to persuasion but maybe 70 persuasion is fair.

Yes, good point. I can add that.

Yes, good ideas. I can add time to make it to the description and vary it on crafting skill.

I need a team to build this game!

@ParrotWatcher That option requires a ranged weapon. I hate adding text that explains requirements because it breaks immersion but I may have to do it. Several people reported this as a bug when it means you have no ranged weapon.

@Lithophene [quote=“Lithophene, post:3901, topic:2000”]
If a survivor were to die while unbitten and uninfected (i.e. a bullet to the heart) and a zombie were to start nibbling on them… would they be reanimated?

If a zombie came along to a freshly made corpse, Mr. or Mrs. Zombie may get the munchies and infect said corpse.


As I said, I had a Springfield rifle. If that’s not a ranged weapon, then my MC was doing something very wrong with it…


@ParrotWatcher sorry I missed the part about the rifle. Ugh, I guess it is truly a bug. I’ll fix it. Sorry about that.

/pumps fist in victory/ I’m kind of cackling at the fact that I got hooked on a character who literally doesn’t say more than a few words (as of now) and he’s a potential RO. I feel like a giddy high school freshman all over again! :joy:

You made my day, Jim. :heart:

On an unrelated note, I actually like that reverend fella we can run into in the suburbs (?). For some reason, he reminds me of that guy from AMC’s Preacher.

On a somewhat unrelated note, out of curiosity @JimD, are you going to explore PTSD in ZE:SH? Not gonna lie, I ask that mostly with Lopez in mind, but I figure it could honestly apply to all of the survivors, really.

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In chapter 2, when you offer Lyle and Jillian a meal, if you are out of food, you get the option to make a small meal which causes you to have -2 portions of food.
In chapter 3, after choosing to skip breakfast I found these errors.

Despite your hunger, you have You pour a glass of orange juice for breakfast.

In the stats screen there is -1 portions of food and 17.5 bottles of water.
Taking water from the tub increases the count to 32.5 bottles of water.

If you’re a vegetarian and go to the convience store, can you have an option to buy vegetarian bacon/meat?

Could you add a option to play either Zombie Exodus or AWUOT in the video game hobby?

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i have lots of ideas but i’m not smart enough to write my own book/interactive novel

No one haves to be smart to write a book or interactive novel you just have to be creative that’s all there to it.

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ChoiceScript is very easy to pick up–and people are always willing to give commentary on what they (dis)like about your gamebook.

See: this thread. :slight_smile: We’re all just giving @JimD our personal opinions. Also: wait when did Day 3 get added? Now I’ve gotta go play. I feel so out of the loop.

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theirs coding involved the coding makes the multiple choices possible