You choose your own adventure part 2

This post is a continuation of my poll to see what game type, or game idea of mine, people would be most interested in playing, the winner of that poll was a Slice of Life game, to be fair to those who voted specifically for a game idea I will be using new ideas or ideas I did not post there. Even though I am posting ideas I am still looking to see what people are most interested in reading, so if none of my ideas seem interesting then please let me know what would be interesting to you.

I also would like to see what slice of life is to them, to me I kinda want all my stories to have slice of elements in them, these stories would, of course, focus more on that but I feel most stories need more moments like these, chill moments with character growth and interactions between them on a daily basis.

1st story idea
Most slice of life stories show people in what we perceive as a normal life, but there are those who live much harder lives and don’t have first world problems(not saying anyone’s problems aren’t serious, I personally think all problems and pain are equal), this story would take place in a third world country, still unsure which, or if it would be unnamed, but I thought it would be very interesting in terms of choices specifically.

2nd Story Idea
Did you ever read the animorph books, I never really did but I knew of them, this story would be a more everyday slice of life story except with elements similar to other stories with monsters in everyday schools, mine would be humans that embody the spirits of animals, still not exact on some details but as I said, this is for interest check, I can devote my time fully to this if people desire a story like this.

3rd Story Idea
This story has you take on the role of a special forces group member thats job is to find out what happened to or locate missing persons. I was picturing this story with the task force having special powers, the powers would be more mental to aid in finding these people, but I could do this story without them.

4th Story Idea
This story idea is new but it has you play as children, over time they grow up, but they are being targetted by a serial killer, that’s all I’m willing to say about that one haha :smiley:

5th Story Idea
This story takes place in a dystopian future, I have three stories planned for this world, and you take the role of a watcher, basically, your job is to stalk people. The goverment has surviellance of all people at all time but it is not public knowledge, you are someone with this knowledge and your targets are people the government feels are a risk to themselves, you must watch them and prevent them from doing anything that could lead to their death, doing so would compromising your position, and your role from then on is live with that person, watch over them, and help them try to live a happier life.

6th Story Idea
This story takes place in a world with nothing but robots, no living plants or animals, but they are living their lives somewhat like humans would with a bit of a dystopian government as well. In this story, you play as someone who wants to stay unplugged, to let their battery run dry and not plug in for their daily recharge, but finds something they want to stay charged for.

7th Story Idea
Okay, this is just like a random thought but it seemed funny, this takes place in a fantasy world, with orcs, trolls, and elves, the whole shebang, but its slice of life and school life haha.

8th Story Idea
I’ve seen some stories where someone gains superpowers in a normal school and they have to hide it and such but I’ve never seen one that delves into that more, I’m sure it would be nearly impossible to control if you randomly got powers, so this story would be about that, growing up in school and your community being different at a whole new level, I was thinking that this would fit well for a small town or something but I could always change things.

9th Story idea
This story takes place in like any world in which any superhero would live, except it is without a hero, cops against either powerful underworld leaders or powered supervillains and you are on the losing side.

I will do a poll later if I get enough discussion going but I really want to talk about this genre and ideas or thoughts people have about all this, this is in the end just me trying to finish a story and write something many people are interested in reading. To everyone who read the initial post and voted on the poll thank you very much and I am very sorry for the 3 week wait, I only planned to wait a week before closing the poll, some stuff came up that needed my attention for awhile but I am good to go till I complete a story now.


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