Writing Name Checks

I’m not having trouble, rather I am trying to figure out a way to alert the player if they are attempting to use a name that is amongst the major characters to prevent them the pain of resetting over it. But, apparently an *if statement can only have 2 arguments, even with parenthesis? So I was wondering how to go about that, because my original ratty thought was just doing something like:

*if (fname = “Abby”) or (fname = “Wen”) or…

Until the list is done but I guess that won’t work?

*if ((fname="Abby") or (fname="Wen")) or ((fname="Alex") or (fname="Mark"))

You have to do it like this, you have group them all, while it is true that in parenthesis there can only be 2 checks but with grouping you can stretch this to a thousand.


I’ma give this a go and see if it works, either way thanks for spending the time to write this out :0

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There would be two suggestions I would give for this. Either way I recommend a variable and then loop with a *label.

*create NameCheck "NA"


*label NameLoop
*if fname = NameCheck
	Look out you are using the same name as a major character.
	*goto MovingOn
*if NameCheck = "Name2"
	*goto MovingOn
*if NameCheck = "Name1"
	*set NameCheck "Name2"
*if NameCheck = "NA"
	*set NameCheck "Name1"
*goto NameLoop
*label MovingOn

Or another option is to give each major character a variable that you use and you change the NPC’s name instead.

You could do this with this command & a simple true/false. Just write the story & then Ctrl+H to swap the names one at a time, then swap each for the command. Put a check at the beginning to set yes/no for the name variable.

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This sounds like it might be efficient, but I am a disgusting goblin so I’m taking the cheap way out with the *if statement, I think? Assuming it works fine, though it’s a bit annoying lol. I love using multi-replace for showing character customization choices but I am way too brain rotted to understand how to use it for this.

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