ChoiceScript - Same as? [Solved!]

Hey there!

I’m stuck at one point in my story as I can’t seem to find the right command for it.
Basicly, I am giving the player an option to choose an alias while having a real name all along.
If the Player chooses to take the same firstname as before, then the NPC should notice this and react accordingly.
Question is, how do I do that?

So far, I tried this out:

It then says like
Non-existing Variable, even though everything worked with those variables before.

Has anyone an idea how I can fix this?

I don’t know if this is it, but maybe you should use parenthesis?
*if (alias1) = (firstname)
*if ((alias1) = (first name))

Mh, not sure…
I worked with those since I started and everything worked out just fine.
Will try it out though, thanks!

EDIT: Sadly, it has the same effect °^^

Actually… it’s like this:
*if (alias1 = firstname)

@Nekumura There’s a for a reason. :expressionless:
I was wondering “what if the fake name is the same as your real name” when I saw this, haha.


{head meets desk}

Of course it is something so easy! D:
Why did I not think of it…

And PS: I read the wiki side like 3 times and apparently was not able to find the command… oh well…
And now I notice which command it was… it is the very first…
curse my stupidity!


Sometimes this happens to us all. Ot maybwe it happens more to me than others just because, :smile_cat: