Writer looking for programmer

Hey there, welcome to the forums!
I hate to be all formal but if you could just take a moment to read our rules, you’ll find that asking for programmers is actually something we like to discourage:

This isn’t to be cruel, it’s just to be realistic. Most of the forum members here are writers, not programmers, and if every writer made a thread asking for programmers the forum would be flooded with a load of request threads that never got any sort of reply.

In a nutshell: These types of threads don’t work.

As @Samuel_H_Young 's article suggests, coding your own game in Choicescript is actually much easier than you’d think, even without prior programming experience most writers can pick it fairly quickly - I suggest you give you give it a go, if you get stuck there’s always someone on hand here to give you advice and point you in the right direction :slight_smile: