Would you like to see a pure CYOA ChoiceScript game?

This is a question I’ve been contemplating to ask for quite a while. Maybe I should explain what the term means in case some of the younger guys missed CYOA.

Choose Your Own Adventure Games are a special type of gamebooks. In their pure form, they don’t have any adventure sheet (stats), not even Boolean variables. They also tend to branch indefinitely, making sure no two replays are quite the same.

Well, that comes at a price, as a single play-through appears to be quite short. I think I’ve heard an interview with the guys from CoG and they emphasized that point.

Sections (labels) are usually longer, decisions are fewer but that could be an incentive to make them crucial.

So far, there is virtually no pure CYOA gamebook app published in ChoiceScript. Do you think there should be?

P.S.: The term CYOA is often used to denote a gamebook (interactive story) but I don’t think it is quite correct unless it matches the description above.

Yea I think it would be kool.

@Mayday, so long as you keep up with your other WIPs, I like the sound of it…

@Vampierkid222, does the ‘K’ make the ‘Cool’ cooler?

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@Doctor yes, yes it dose lol

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Why would you want to do this? I’d say, if you do, then a codebase other than choicescript might be a better idea. Not to say it’s not possible in choicescript, but you’d be missing out on all the great features choicescript has to differentiate it from CYOA games…

You’d also be losing one of the fundamentally important aspects of CYOA. While there’s all that infinite branching with no two playthroughs alike, you also have the equivalent of a back button. Choicescript doesn’t let you go back, not easily, so I think the experience would be extremely frustrating. You’d be better off with something like Twine, or any of the other alternatives out there, which has an interface that allows for stories that branch tremendously, and also allow the player to hit the back button without restarting from the beginning.

As fairygodfeather said, I agree it would be nice to have a back button. I would, also, like to see this happen. As most of the times, half my choices only matter on the next 2 pages. (maybe not half but… still)

@FairyGodfeather, the ‘go back’ button would definitely be a good idea, so thanks for bringing up the issue. There is, however, no problem in adding it. Every time you come to a *choice, you get the option to #return to last section.

I think the achievements mechanic would be a nice tool to use some more of the functionality and encouraging the reader to explore.