Would this work at all?

Hi, so I had this really unoriginal idea to borrow the health system from Ib in my own game (Your health is measured in rose petals; but I’ll probably change it from rose petals) in the stats document using images. I’m just not sure if it would work.

*if (rose_petals =5 and rose_colour=“red”)
*image redrose5 right
*elseif (rose_petals =5 and rose_colour =“yellow”)
*image yellowrose5 right

So…would that script be legal in ChoiceScript?

Yes that would be legal as your not actual editing any of their code.

I meant would the script work in the game without causing an error? Sorry for not clarifying that earlier #-o

Yes it would :slight_smile:

Ah; excellent! I’ll have to draw my own //coughbadcough// roses now, thank you!

It could however mean that anyone who has visual difficulties would have problems with your game. Why do you want to display an image?

I just thought it would be an interesting idea. I could put a Petal variable in to read aloud.

Should be good. I’d love to see a picture of it mocked up. Get back to your drawing. :stuck_out_tongue: