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You can die? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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And apparently it’s a problem for people, too!

I just kinda blindly sidestepped death on my playthrough, so I can only imagine how one gets themselves killed in this story.


I’m having Night Road flashbacks. I’m not even seeing where you could possibly die in my playthroughs, so I guess I just never followed those plotlines that way?


Yes, I died in my playthrough. I was succeeding at everything up until that point too. It felt very out of left field. It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve played, but basically:

I made a choice to go destroy the Mnemosyne, ran into Dahir there. I’d been on good terms with him, supported him against the Dean, and warned him about the Trine coming for his memories. When I got to the Mnemosyne he was there too, and I told him we were on the same side. For some reason, he didn’t believe me and knocked me out with a bat. When MC came to, she was caught by the Trine, locked away and eaten by like a giant insect.

I was on good terms with everyone, had a romance ongoing with Niko, and a 4.0 with money in the bank. So it was really disappointing when it ended like that lol. And I’m usually pretty good at avoiding bad endings in these types of games.


I managed it too, sort of. I didn’t tell him that buildings don’t move but I agreed that there was something fishy, and offered to take him inside. I brought his journal to his room and, when he called, decided to leave to get him back.

Thank you so much! I was so upset by not having been able to destroy the damn thing.

Oh man, this book is bumming me out. I thought my ending sucked (I got booped by Virgil) but this is next level. It’s making me wonder if I should just play as a super evil person and give in to the horrible things happening and turn a tidy profit.

Also what are those Hallows exactly? I hate the idea of them being sentient in any way and being dissected by our godawful mafia family. I haven’t been this frustrated with a book in a while. Ughhhhhh.

Does anybody know how high Thaumaturgy needs to be to have the option to use it to save Poppy? I have gotten as high as 78 and can’t seem to get it any higher. It must go higher though as I haven’t gotten the achievement for mastery it either.

This is probably the most disastrously I’ve ever failed in a choice game since The Last Wizard. Absolutely nothing went right for me in the last chapter lol

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Yeah, this is the first game I have ever looked at the code to figure things out. And to be honest, even after looking at the code, I am almost certain that certain achievements are not possible and some endings are going to require that you make very specific choices and if you vary on more than one of those you won’t get the ending you desired. There is too little margin for error in decision making that isn’t always clear.

Edit: After many attempts, I can say with certainty that there are far too many achievements that are not attainable even looking at the code for every choice and way too much of the story that will never be seen unless you follow one exact path. If, and I highly doubt this, you have achieved 100% achievements, you should definitely make a guide. I would even pay more than the game’s cost for this because I don’t think it is possible and the guide would need to be nearly as detailed as the whole story.

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So…I’m looking to play something new and I’ve narrowed it down to this or Soul Stone War 2. Who are the romance option in this game? Is it more of a sideline topic?

The options are Poppy Toya Dahir Ravi and Niko. Not many good endings for the romances and I feel it is more of a sideline topic.