(WIP) Wings of Dawn [24k]

Warning: Contains swearing, abuse, animal cruelty, graphic violence/death, blood, discrimination, sexual assault

In a world where wings are everything, you are the only one born without them. You grow up in a modest village under the wing of your father until one day you are forced to flee from a mysterious attack on your village.

Travel through the three unique nations of Askgard to find out the secret of your own birth. Along your journey, you may meet, befriend, and even romance shady merchants, runaway nobles, knights with a hidden past—and fight your way through the looming shadows threatening to engulf Askgard beside them.

Be careful, for there are threads of conspiracy spun just outside of your sight; things may not be as they seem. In the end, you may be the only one who has the power to save Askgard from ruin.



• Play as male, female, or non-binary

• Customisable appearance

• Pursue romance with 6 characters (2 Male, 3 Female, 1 Non-binary)

• Immersive and intricate lore and world-building

• Be the hero everyone needs or be a total goofball

• Pet the animals, poison your companions with your cooking, solve everything with your fists, and more!



Character profiles will be updated as they appear in-game.

Atria (f)

Atria is your childhood friend. Though she has a nice and pleasant personality, her tiny white wings make her life almost as hard as yours. She accompanies your journey not only to protect you, but to grow stronger herself.

Hamal (m)

Hamal is a self-proclaimed traveler that joins your group during your journey. Armed with a charming and bright personality, he hides his true identity.

Eira (f)

Information not available yet. Appears from chapter 3.

Maxwell (m)

Information not available yet. Appears from chapter 6.

Secret RO (nb)

Information not available yet. Appears from chapter 4.

Secret RO (f)

Information not available yet. Appears from chapter 7.


Current Status
Total word count: 24k~ excluding commands
1.8/10 chapters complete.

Regular updates posted on Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/wingsofdawn-if

This is my first interactive fiction WIP! Thank you for your interest and support!


About to give it a start but one thing of a quick note the save system has a error message i believe it has a bad plugin message if selected.

How to add saving

Well you already got 1 step down

make sure you to put this in startup(at the bottom)

sm_init nameofgamehere | number of save slots here

so in your case

*sm_init wingsofdawn | 5

and tick this on dashingdon
(you already did this step)

put *comment before the *sm_init wingsofdawn | 5 for when you are playtesting the code, and then remove it whenever you’re going to upload the files to dashingdon and repeat


Hi! I tried doing that but it seems to be not working. I’m pretty sure I installed the plugin the correct way, and I added the code you gave in the startup but it’s still malfunctioning for me.

Edit: Managed to fix it. Thank you!

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Hi! Thank you for the interest! I’m working on fixing the save system right now :+1:

Edit: The save system has been fixed.

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Hi I plead the demo and it is an interesting but does it end in the next chapter because it’s continual loading without stop we reach opening the map section


Seems really interesting but I think you forgot to mark it as updated or something because when You go to dashingdon without the link it’s not their

Interesting start to the story. I quite like the fact that you gave us an introduction that led right to the next step before it cut off to give us a taste of what’s to come.

There’s a part where the MC says that their father is “still knocked up from the festival” to our friend (or something along those lines) that really threw me off though. Maybe “knocked out” would be a better explanation? Otherwise I’m thinking about our dad being pregnant lol.


I like it

Sounds interesting

I see there are some secret RO’s… Im def not at all already hooked. Nope not at all

Oh dang this been out💀whelp time to horde some more stories.

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This is very enjoyable!
Already invested in the story, even if it’s still short
Thanks for the WIP :sparkling_heart:

In a world where wings signify everything, you’re born without them. Fleeing an attack, journey through Askgard’s nations to uncover your birth secret, befriending, romancing, and fighting alongside diverse characters.