[WiP] The Golden Eagle

Its not about like or dislike, I just don’t agree with the things you want the majority of time. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you, just that I have differents opinions.
Sorry if I have offended you.

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You know, not a lot of people probably like Mara because Mara (the character) doesn’t seem to like a lot of people :wink:

That said, I do agree with Mara on choosing to be an Experimental officer. As I said, this was likely an exciting time full of new technologies. I do wonder if all of those different military branches will be choosable in the future. That seems like a lot of variety and (probably) a lot of coding.

You didn’t offended me, :wink: means it’s a joke. But my character is not me, like I am always saying.

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You usually can’t shoot well with a flintlock musket to begin with, hence why you have to line up in a straight line.

No my girl is really terrible at soldier being her worst stat ever.

Okay now, stop drifting off the topic at hand.

The different military branches are all interesting. I probably will not include the other branches as choices for the MC, but I do think the choice needs something attached to it, other than passively shaping MC personality. I’ll see what I can do about that a few chapters further down the line.

Also, let’s be clear that the firearms are caplock rifle-muskets. Doesn’t mean you don’t have to line up though, since the way they waged war back then was very different, even though rifle-muskets were quite accurate.

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I’m interested in seeing how you will handle the stats checks. Will it unlock dialogue options, or will it be more seamlessly integrated in the description? Will we be able to quickly tell if something happened thanks to, say, our high Mind, or will it take multiple playthroughs to figure the differences out? Will the same option give different results based on your stat distribution? The game in the Officer’s Club comes to mind as a scene where Mind could have come to play, and handling your unruly soldiers sounds like something that would lend itself to a Charismatic character.

Speaking of Charisma, is it related to persuasion and seduction on a personal level, or is it used to rally troopes in battle? Both?

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Loved it! Looking forward to future updates. Any idea on the number of battles through the story as a whole?


Nice start bit surprised my MC got a posting in the light infantry. i was hoping for cavalry or artillery but infantry is still great and having both male and female serving in the military is going to be interesting.

Will the MC have a chance to switch branch later on?

@Goshman I noticed the the our character’s age is not listed in the stat screen, will it be added in later on? As will you be adding a glossary of terms and person’s of importance taps?

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I believe it was mentioned by one of the officers that the cadets would be allowed to choose their posting if they do well in their first assignment

@Goshman as always you are a excellent writer, nice that you are going for a game like this but still a bit hungry for loa sequel since you have already finish best of us…hmmm :pensive:

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@Goshman - Just as in the LoA title, I feel your unique take on the world you create is a strength that adds to the CoG universe.

This story stands on its own and while it may share some historical influences with others, your world is unique and presented with its own bias and flare that is never a mere copy of another.

It really feels like you are setting the perfect staging for an experimental skirmish/marksman/sniper type unit and I am looking forward to making such in this world.

You indicated that your world is somewhere in the Franco-Prussian/First WW continuum and I’d like to just verify that we would be currently fighting in your world’s Luxembourg/Lorraine.

I’m positive that @Cataphrak would embrace and even celebrate such a well developed and multi-layered entry into the CoG universe as your work is and will be.

If the Sci-fi and Fantasy book world can accept Glenn Cook, David Drake, Mercedes Lackey and others like Jerry Pournelle under one roof, then our community can do no less.

I actually enjoy all authors that set a solid world foundation and I feel that everyone benefits from each-other.


I agree, I love when people build worlds that can be discussed in tens of thousands of posts and I am sure that you can do this as well @Goshman.

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I’ve been following this since it first got posted.


Well there you have it.

Makes one wonder how our mc has gone from that to being small town history teacher.

Will we at least get a proper officers uniform and boots at some point?

I was actually rather hoping for artillery for my mc, but whatever the plot needs I guess and we could hardly expect you to code six or seven different war experiences for the mc. :wink:

If I was that famous, I would like to retire into obscurity.

Why so you can finally be a soldier that cowers in the back? Or be as much cavalry fodder as skirmishers out in th open :stuck_out_tongue:?

I wouldn’t want to be that famous, period, but I play RPG games to play characters who are (very) unlike my quite shy self.

Although blissful domesticity is an important goal of my Infinity series mc. Unfortunately it seems that @Cataphrak is not just going to allow him to have that, especially not with another man, let alone a young elf.
This world at least doesn’t seem to have a gay relationship problem.
@Goshman is gay marriage, or an equivalent legal union allowed in this world?

I haven’t quite decided what my mc goals and ambitions in this game will be, but becoming famous might well be one of them and if that is the case why would he give it all up to go and teach history to small-town brats?
Unless something more or less forced him into it, of course.

What can I say, I like big guns ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There’s a certain Corsican amateur mathematician who might take issue with that assertion.