(WIP) Stygian—Elves of Darkest Night

This one will be EVEN SHORTER than my other WIPs. This is in the same timeline as my first WIP, Era of the Archdemons.

I intend to make each book a separate story with unique mechanics. At this moment, we start off with Book 1: Birth by Death. So far, I’m planning on two books.

Books will replace chapters. Each book will be a complete story. The synopsis & prologue are within the demo. Each book will have customizable MCs. Those MCs may interact in future books.

This will be my final WIP until one of them is done.


Primary WIP:
Era of the Archdemons

Secondary WIP:


Loving it so far - off to a great start! Great scenario to pull the player in and set the tone, nice twist and touch on the larger dark elf mythos to set it in your world.

Minor constructive feedback on this passage:

Natha’s voice cuts through the din, her words casting a dark pall over the arena as she introduces the final challenger. “This competitor, with a bounty of 730 black pearls, is wanted for crimes most vile: infidelity, arson, multiple high-profile murders, and pedophilia.” Her tone drips with disdain, “As if death weren’t already his due—the brute from House Berns with five ruthless victories, Jaco!”

I found myself kind of wondering if infedelity, arson, etc. would be black stains for the dark elves or if these would be more things to proud of. Pretty much three takes: 1) They actually are marks of shame as they would be for our contemporary human societies 2) They actually aren’t, unless they are caught in the act thereof, in which case they are suddenly societal taboos rather than pride points 3) They aren’t marks of shame at all form the dark elves.
Really any of the above takes would be fair; this is your world and take on the dark elves, though I think I was leaning towards interpretting it as 2 rather than 1 or 3.

In any event, looking forward to reading more when it comes along.

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Haven’t fully actualized their ideologies yet but one thing they all despise equally is incompetence. They would kill a kid if they were caught stealing. Or send them to the arena.


Elven stuff is rare around here, I’m interested.


I loved it :yum::love_letter:

I can’t stop playing the game

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its short tho lol

It doesn’t matter if its short it’s a good story that matters :blush:

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