[WIP] Second Kings (First Chapter - 40K Words)

I love the demo. The story is really compelling.

Curiosity about the MC or their past or even the current events is really strong. Loved the atmosphere.

It’s not only their memories being blurry but everything. It’s a nice vibe for the beginning of a story.

I’ve been a little lost between name an physics of people we met since there are a lot of them. But it contributes to the atsmosphere so it’s not something to change.

Between everything we discover on our little wandering trip I’m curious about our past, it seems being a robot expert, a tactical agent or even a crazy scientist background is possible. Well I say that but obviously our dream (if it’s a memory and not a mix of dream and memory or just a dream) tends to another path.

I’m really curious about the friend in the dream and really excited to get another dream.

It’s really a good start ~. (Please no one counts how many really are in this message…)

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@Canem finaly got a chance to play the demo and i loved what you got going there might be some thing i want to comment on but will play again and probally sleep before i do lol

Looking forward to seeing more. :smiley:

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That’s a fun one. I can’t remember the name of it right now, but it comes up every so often in the “What WIP Would You Bring Back From The Dead” thread.

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People, I have absolutely no idea about how to operate in a forum lol. Don’t know if should just make another post or what, but whatever.

I haven’t had as much time to write as I’d like, but I have made corrections (pushed some character introductions that were superfluous to the story for now, thanks everyone who helped me realize that!) and added some character descriptions and context about the world in the stats page for the people who wants to read more about it. They appear as you read, but I’m not entirely sure about that, maybe I should just put everything available from the start. Let me know what you think.

The whole thing is at 50K words now. Next update the story is going forward, pinky promise and all that jazz.


Thank you so much for your words! Makes my little heart real warm to see you so invested. I’ll do my best to live to your expectations!

Thanks so much for giving it a try!

This is awesome