(WIP) Night at the SPAA

Idk bout y’all but I hope the author adds an option to cuss out the telepath for pointing out how casually they could make the MC disappear even if people look for them…I seriously don’t like that guy so far.:expressionless:

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As a former mall janitor, the most unrealistic, fantastical thing about this game is the idea that someone with a custodial job could afford an apartment.


Oooh! This looks really interesting! I like the narration and the way you write the characters; I’m already endeared to them, sdjfnkusdfj. I actually quite like the humanization of Alex and Ethan- it makes em feel more real to me, yknow? Although maybe that’s just because my MCs tend to be more passive when in a dangerous situation (ie; watch and wait to gather information before making a move, go with the path of least resistance to conserve energy, etc) so :person_shrugging:

well it looks like we have something in common :joy:


I’m glad you think so and enjoyed what little there is. Investigator Digby is actually getting a name change :sweat_smile:. Alex is one of the premade options I put in for the MC so I’m changing his name. He’ll probably be more of a side character once the rest of the team is introduced.

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Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft?

@ClydeS96 playing the demo now and noticed something worth checking into. Its the save system im noticing saves from other games in it might want to check to see if your game has any overlap in that regard with others.

Meanwhile will finish playing and check my end on other wip games and see if its on my end.

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@ClydeS96 was gonna report just this, saves are overlapping with some other game.

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The save game issue will probably be down to using the default value for the *sm_init in startup.txt.

Where you have something like

*sm_init mygame | 3

You’ll want to replace mygame with a unique name, e.g

*sm_init nightspaa | 3

Then the only saves it shows will be the ones for your game, rather than any other game using “mygame” as their identifier.

I’ll be adding this game to my list of WIPs to keep an eye on for sure, I also happen to like stories where the MC really gets put through the wringer, so it’s an interesting start from my point of view :slight_smile:


@ClydeS96 ran into a slight coding error but forget the exact spot but also noticed a oddity in the questioning scene it didnt let me ask about the hearing but every other question was allowed to be asked in a row. Might be intended but thought make mention of it.

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Spoiler alert

I have a question is our MC really dead? because this death scene plays during a flashback, since our MC starts the game in the present inside a Van going to clean up I suppose for the SPAA, so like the MC really died and is going to resurrect or is it something else? By the way I really liked the game and the story I will continue to follow.


@Valixon @Empress_Nightmare and @Blunderbutts Thanks for the mention. It’s a command I’m not very familiar with, so as soon as I got working, I didn’t realize there was much else that I could mess with.

@Valixon I’ll admit, I looked over the interrogation scene where the investigators answer the MC questions. It may have been that I screwed up somewhere when uploading the demo and fixed it on my end. I will be uploading a small update here soon with some small fixes. Possibly more content if I have it ready and polished in time.

@Joao_Terruel That is a fantastic question. One I completely overlooked. Full transparency; the MC being killed off is difficult. Outside of the contract scene, that might be the only game over spot. I’m not a fan of the super “gamey” books personally. I think I have a fix that’ll help explain the very first scene a bit better if you refuse to join the SPAA. Thank you for bringing that to my attention and I’m glad you’re liking it!


This is a really fun and new take on “human introduced into the supernatural world”, I like it! Your writing is very easy to follow along with and the best friend was a very interesting character. The important choices while working in the school were well incorporated too, and made the stat growth feel really natural.

Can’t wait to meet the rest of the team and see where this takes us. I did feel a little bad for my character having to choose between either working for the company or dying lol. Too bad she is a schmoozer, or attacking the interrogator with a pen could have been interesting!

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Lol ya know i can acctually see a smoozer type attacking with a pen if pushed far enough :grinning:

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I agree with everyone; I love the idea of being a simple janitor…but much more I presume… I like your descriptive language. I have only a few (imo) humble suggestions to consider when describing things. Keep in mind I am an unpublished nobody so grain of salt here

“To your left is the more unpleasant of your inanimate neighbors. It’s a large cart of chemicals and cleaners that rattles and bounces with the slightest bump.”

Maybe something like this would flow better:

“To your left is the more unpleasant of your inanimate neighbors, a large cart of chemicals and cleaners that rattle and bounce with the slightest bump.”

Just little things like that might tighten-up your wonderful descriptive language. Don’t be afraid to use long sentences or even incomplete sentences. I have to remind myself of this constantly.

Love your use of spacing with:




Any chance to do something with the text that reinforces the environment is something I enjoy a lot.

Thankyou for writing! Be Bold! I will check back on your story later-on. So many to read


I enjoyed it so far. I look forward to playing more on the next update. Also I hope they we can have the option to be interested to learn about the supernatural but also show our resentment being forced into the SPAA. After all while my MC did run and try to hide during their first encounter with the supernatural they were willing to try to attack the interviewer while they were being force a signature. So they’re not unwilling to fight back to defend themselves they also have a high self preservation at least against things they know they could absolutely not take on


I appreciate the advice! I’m also unpublished. This is the first time I’ve shared anything I’ve written online. It’s been a scary but fun experience. I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but I have a huge love for tabletop rpgs like D&D. That’s taught me how important descriptive language is to both follow a scene as well as paint the world itself.


Pretty cool so far.

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Depends on whether it is unionized or not and what exactly is being cleaned. One exception that might be relevant to this game at least over here our specialized crime scene cleanup crews get quite decent pay and good benefits although that comes at the cost of generally seeing and smelling the worst of our society.

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Can’t we refuse signing it without dying? Lol

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Just once lol :grinning:

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