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There’s several NB writing threads on here if you use the search function! I’ve linked a couple for you here:
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These threads also link to other threads.

I also want to say that one of the problems with writing NB characters is that NB is a vast umbrella of identities. My gender identity is very different from someone who is genderfluid, or bigender, for example. But NB characters are often included so rarely, and generally so poorly that we can really only hope for one single generically-written NB in the story. There won’t be any description of their identity, or it will be barely acknowledged, beyond the pronoun change. And to be fair, I do understand that. It’s a lot to ask a binary person to write every single NB variation into their story.

My main problem is that NB characters are often written similarly to each other across all stories.

Putting under a cut to keep this topic on track.

They will be androgynous, more than likely with feminine features combined with a masculine style of dress. You won’t usually get a character described with masculine features and feminine tastes, or a character that has masculine features and masculine tastes, or feminine features and feminine tastes. The typical design is something that has generally made it harder for NB people, because we’re expected to fit into a specific mold and design in order to have our identity accepted by cis people.

Usually they’ll be either sweet and generally flawless, or zany and ditzy, like a Cloudcuckoolander. Sometimes a combination of the two, but you don’t usually see quiet, flawed, angry NB characters. If they can be in a game, it’s probably because they’re an option for the gender-customizable character.

To bring this all back to Gabriel, I think Gabriel would be a nice depiction of a nonbinary person, since based on their description they are flawed and don’t fit what is usually the portrayal of them. With that said, I don’t want to see them written as NB if it’s only for the purpose of hitting some sort of “diversity quota.” I want to see NB characters have their identities influence their writing and make them characters outside of their pronouns. Explicitly describing their gender identity instead of just saying “their gender is nonbinary” would help. Allowing for diverse depictions rather than the token enby in the corner would be cool.

NB people are diverse in opinion, and I know there will be NB people who do and do not agree with the specifics of what I’ve said here. But I think we can all agree that simple acknowledgement is just the start.

gosh i am so sorry i did not mean to make this a rant