(WIP) Grim Adventures

Version 1.2

-Start Menu Added

-Character Menu added in stats screen

-Character Portraits added for Theo, Matthias, Hamlen, Eve, Gavin, Emily, and Braddock.

-Character information added for Theo and Matthias

-You can now position yourself with the rookies or to Braddock.


Wondering will MC get their own picture :grin: like Samurai of Hyuga

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I was wondering what they looked like so thanks for portraits. Now I don’t have to imagine it anymore

Love the stats hopefully it will focus more on it, I mean like stats check :grin:…it’s good :+1: hopefully more to come

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Am I the only one who, whenever they see the name of this WIP in the forum, immediately appends “of Billy and Mandy” to the end?

Okay, have read it a bit now. I’m getting some isekai/shonen inspired anime vibes. I’m specifically thinking of “The Great Cleric” or “The Unwanted Undead Adventurer”, but that may just be because I’ve been on an anime kick recently.

One note I have is to be careful to keep your perspective straight. You switch it around a bit. For example:

In the discussion regarding the MCs first mission, you are talking in third person for the majority of it. “Rowan did X”

But for this choice you switch to first person “I did X” even though it is still the Guildmaster talking to Hamlen.

In another instance, where you have previously been using second person perspective in the text “You do X” you switch to using third person instead.

There is also an error if you stand with the adventurers and blast the goblins with magic. I had it happen when I was archmage skill, don’t know if it also happens at lower skill levels.


All in all I think it’s very promising. It needs a little polish, but that’s why it’s a WIP. I like the premise and the setting.