WIP Game of Kings | Offical Map |


The map off the Altenate Europe Game of Kings is set In is done.

Hopefully I will be able to get the first chapter out by January. But as I have said anybody who is willing to help code my game then I could have it out by late December. Thought I Unfortunately don’t have a coder to do that. I do have a fellow writer who is codeing it for me but he already has a project he’s working on. So people who want to see this out early January-late December rather than late January-early February please get the word around that I’m looking for a coder or if you can code your self message me and you’ll get full credit as my coder. Also in other notes I got flaged by more than ten pepole for writing in the title of my post (coder needed) and the can was like a punch to stomach, I really asked my self “so do the community not want me to finish this game?” I sat down and spent 2 hours of my day making the map for you guys for the community because I’ve loved to read books and write stories from the age of 4 but I had dyslexica which made it unbearable hard to read and write but when I was in the 6th grade I was reading at 8th grade level and writing in cursive all because I love books and to write especially interactive novels. So this is why I’m spending my time makeing a book that someone else can enjoy. So I’m going to set up a pole with to choices keep working or stop working. If no wins I will stop writing this book and never try to write a book a again in my life or if yes wins I will finish this book and I will continue to write books.


Also guys when I said Sir Samuel Genovese I was useing that as a example and guys if you have questions about the lore of this world or what’s is the game going to be like feel free to ask me by replying. Also here is the flag of Hangnburgh https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/38/Flag_of_Gascogne.svg/2000px-Flag_of_Gascogne.svg.png


This sounds like it would be a amazing game.


I don’t know much about the script and everything but I’m a big history nerd and would be glad to help you come up with ideas for the story


Sounds good I’m basing it of 12th century Europe so that would be great, but this is a alternate time line so the borders, names, and banners/flags of the nations/kingdoms will be different from real 12th century Europe, but Europe physically will look the same but if you have some suggestions. Throw’em at me and I’ll try and squeezes them in to the lore/back drop of the book. But thanks for the offer @DJB


sounds great dude can`t wait to see it started


Thanks @Branton appreciate the positive feed back!:+1:t2:


Thanks @Andrew_Stapleton hopeful I will be able to get a demo up by thanksgiving so you have something to read during thanksgiving dinner/lunch/…breakfast maybe?


Any game where you play as a monarch sounds fine by me! That first paragraph did have some grammar issues though, and I think it could be more slow paced, insert more details and context.


Ok I’ll keep that in mind thanks, but I did have to finish that short intro In like 25 mins because lately I’ve been super busy because like i said in the main post i do need a co-writer for that exact reason. But thanks for feedback anyways @Zane_Hiam.


It looks like a fairly decent backdrop.With all that said,is the game set in Britain?And if so then why are the character names English while the most of the town names are German(or at least vaguely German)?


Ahh, my apologies mate. I understand, I have basically no time for recreational writing either.


@bearsouth has a good point. You said the game is centered on Britain, yet the names of the town are more Germanic/Prussian. :laughing:

I suggest you just make a medieval-themed game and just create a world of your own. Just combine the traits and characteristics of different medieval kingdoms or have them based from an actual one. Sort of like what G.R.R.M did with A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. At least, you won’t need to do much fact-checking and history research because you can just create your own.

I’m a writer, so if you need some help with writing and story development, just send me a message.

I’m British by the way… :grin:
I thank thee for taking thy interest in our culture.


Hell yeah man plus if you ever need any help just ask ok dude.


Ohhh a new medieval game and one that looks very interesting I definitely going to play it


To answer your question yes you are the king of the United Kingdoms of Britan and you will be ruling your kingdom from Britan most of the story, but if you declare war on other kingdoms you will be at the helm of your armies. Also in this first paragraph you are in the kingdom Hangnburgh which is a Germainic kingdom yes to answer your question @knighstrike and @bearsouth. I will put a link down below so you can see exactly were Hangnburgh is. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Map-DB-Hanover.svg
Its basicly the kingdom of Hanover given a new flag, name, military, tactics, and a different Royal Family.


Yah thanks man! I’ll keep that in mind if i need some help. Thanks for the offer yours truly @Exodus_Effect


I’ve read the whole song of ice and fire trilogy. The trilogy is good as a book and even better as a tv show. Bum bum dada buna dada game of thrones.
When I was thinking of how sussesful game of thrones was so i did game of kings. Damm know all i need is a really good intro song.


Pretty awesome flag though :laughing:
Looks like a combination of Welsh,Irish,Scottish and English flags which is appropriate considering the storyline. Although it does look like it was randomly botched together.No offense by the way, but maybe you could rework it a little bit?


Well you do know, it is actually King Charles lll of England’s royal Banner.