[WIP] Future Cops (CH1 demo - updated 26.10)


Link (updated 26.10)

Tada! I have fixed several of the issues in v1.0 (which can be found in the change-log that I have added!) Any problems you find, please bring to my attention :smiley: (a lot of copypasting went on, so there might be a couple errors with pronouns and descriptions, but the game should run as it passed a quicktest and randomtest.)

Questions for the players of v1.1:
-What would you like to ask Tracy/Tristan and Dr. Zhao? I could only think of a couple questions so far.
-Do you feel like you need more descriptions of people?
-Do you have any further suggestions for a game title (or, in fact, the names of the political parties)?

Future Cops (working title) is set in the future, where you play as a police officer in the city of Arravin in the months preceding a big election that will decide the fate of robots and sentient AIs…

To do list:

  • write a better description for the game
  • Finish coworker dinner scene questions
  • find an better name than ‘future cops’ - thanks to stsword I have a few suggestions now! - Flesh & Steel, Cybercops, Industrial Evolution


A person with a doctorate running for public office? Verisimilitude ruined! … Sorry, just kidding.


If you sit and have lunch with the officers and Tristan and then later go down to see Remus and the other Gemini robots, Remus will remark how you ate lunch with them. I was slightly leaning towards pro-robot when this happened. Just a little continuity error.


I really like what you have so far can’t wait to see how it develops


That randomness at the start wake up at 6;30 or 7:00


If the Y type bots are meant to be indistinguishable from humans, shouldn’t they have genders?


I love this game it’s awesome!!! Robots and cops are there any better combination?:slight_smile:


Great Job so far! Looking forward to more! Will follow!!


This is so cool!!! Easily one of my favorite WIPs!


I really like this so far! As @Bootsykk has already stated, if you go have lunch with Tracy and them later on if you choose to speak to Dr. Zhao the robots say you had sat down with them for lunch although you in actuality didn’t.

Also I really like the color scheme you chose, the grey keeps your eyes from hurting while reading and that saturated blue really pops on it as well as give it a sci-fi ish vibe. Great job so far!


yeah. it’s kind of confusing since you say everyone in the room is surprised by it being a robot, yet you also say they are genderless.which makes it harder to picture what they look like.

also it would be pretty cool if you referred to them as he/she if the PC is pro-robot and it if the player is humanist.
that being said it might be horrible to code that.


Awesome idea keep writing!


just finished the demo, and it’s pretty great so far.
didn’t notice any spelling errors.


I like what you’ve got


@Shoelip, Is it unrealistic for someone with a doctorate running for office? I didn’t know that o_o’ Is there a law against it or something? (if it’s too unbelievable, it can be easily changed - but also, it’s the future, so, uh… creative liberty? XD)

@Bootsykk, Oh, that’s weird… I must have put the lunch variable the wrong way round or something there >_>’ I’ll be sure to fix that in the future.

@HoZay THANKS I spent far too long on the colors, it was a little difficult to make it look really ‘sci-fi’ since normally you’d think of having light text on a dark background but that was like… no. So I’m glad my compromise worked :smiley:

@AdamGoodtime, @Shoelip, Well, people can be androgynous/of indistinct gender, right?

@AdamGoodtime I’ve also considered the he/she/it thing, it would be slightly complicated I think (having to check the player’s political affiliation after every decision and change pronouns accordingly?) but maybe some sort of *gosub would be able to accomplish it… I’ll try it out, anyway, and see if it makes sense to do ^^

@anon48296871 Yeah the wakeup time is random, I just thought it’d make it more interesting… I was also planning some silly achievements, like you get one if you wake up late but manage to be on time to work, and one if you wake up early and still manage to be late :stuck_out_tongue:

@everyone thanks for all the support so far! I’ll be sure to fix those things asap and continue working in this :smile:


I support @AdamGoodtime’s proposal about he/she vs. it.

Sergeant as a specialization is odd, I recomend you to name it differently.

Also, will the specialization matter later in the game, for example a detective getting other missions then a paramedic? If yes, then the specialization should be mentioned on the Character information page.


yes of course but you can usually(at least roughly)see what gender they are based on appearance. there’s a pretty big difference between the look of a guy and a girl(in most cases).

as for androgynous people they still look primarily male or primarily female.


May I suggest they/them/their pronouns as a great, inoffensive alternative to misgendering someone.

Also if the problem is not knowing what these characters are supposed to look like, a little more description would be helpful. Male and female only tells you so much about a person, which is to say, not a whole lot.


@WulfyK Alright, I’ll try and see if it’s not ridiculously complicated to code the different pronouns based on political views - but I was trying to go for the robots being genderless, so instead of ‘he/she’ it would be a gender-neutral ‘they’…

I hadn’t planned on making the specialization matter too much, since you’re just a regular officer and it takes at least several years to become a specialist in one of those areas, and it would be a bit complicated to (I designed it as just a way of setting peoples’ stats, rather than doing the “i was always good at X thing, and bad at Y thing…” choice options…)
Maybe I can change “sergeant” to something like “administrative”, if that makes more sense.

@AdamGoodtime Well, not necessarily… I’d still prefer to keep them perfectly genderless (in the text) but the reader can interpret the robots as being more like a male or female, of course.
You said it was difficult to imagine what they’d look like because of the indistinct gender - would having an illustration, or more physical description of them be helpful?


that would absolutely help, and would be much appreciated.