(WIP - First Post) Empty Electric Dreams, 27k Words

I’ve begun work on my new game Empty Electric Dreams. It is my first attempt at such a style of game/narrative. If you see any potential typos or general errors while you play, please let me know.

General Concept
The story is an eclectic mixture of both Cyberpunk and Feudalism. You are joining a corporation to escape the dirty slums, starving for opportunities and will do what is needed to start your new life. You know how in a game like Shadowrun or Cyberpunk 2077 you are a freelancer? Well this game you do not have that freedom and are more like a cog in the corporate machine.

Currently it’s 3 Chapters, about 28k words (ignoring code words) done, and the next update will be completed when the next two chapter are completed. So far, the story is relatively short, but has a large variety of alternative paths.

Where to play
To play the demo, go here: Empty Electric Dreams (dashingdon.com)

or here https://dashingdon.com/go/14678


Is this genderlocked? It asked me to put in a name, later it asked me if I was a “cowboy or cowgirl” but it just kept rererring to MC as he the whole time, in spite of my answer of “cowgirl.”

Can you give us more information in the intro post, such as features of the story and an outline of important characters and romance options?

Certainly has potential, though needs more information all around.

I really recommend adding savestates, more people play the game when they’re available then when they’re not

I enjoy the demo personally. I hope more people’s see this thread

Pretty interesting so far, the main post could use some more explanation to get people’s interest.

It was interesting until the whole central bank digital currency thing. Yikes.

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