WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

I hope that we can hold off fully undressing and entering a sexual relationship with Danny-boy until the third game, after my mc has hopefully had the chance to apply the regeneration tech to himself.
As with his body as it is now he can’t look at it without vomiting, which means he’d be condemned to staying a virgin in his own body.

A valid point, but I do like to play my mc as someone who cannot look at the mutilations on his body without feeling revulsion and getting sick to the point of vomiting, which is why he really needs to get that regeneration device working and why he unmasked his face, rather than his body to Argent.
With any luck regeneration would mess up Argent’s powers and then my mc can try to offer her a position and share in his company as he transitions it from being a mere shell to a fully functional medical and biotech firm. As Argent/Angie is implied to be good with tech too.

Only thing he can’t do is offer her more than platonic friendship however.


That’s very good point for storyline. As Mara hasn’t any problem to look at her stomach. She doesn’t like it but can accept it without vomiting she has more an less accept what she is. She is also not Virgin as a girl cuckoo you could imagine how i think she was used. She will be difficult to open in sense fear being abused again.

@idonotlikeusernames I think the fact accept themselves is important and will present a factor. For instance Mara is bi I could see her maintaining relationships physical with Argent but not with herald. As i think a man abused her in the past.

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Ah yes, I made me a Kunari for him (curiosity, mostly, and the whole ‘banned’ issue…) and, well, just no. :flushed: Nope. Bye, Bull. :anguished:

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I always forget about this thread until it suddenly blows up.

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They made a mistake @malinryden doesn’t Give player a hint about character personality and dynamics BEFORE you close the player in the romance.
If they were a dialogue in inquisition saying “I know i have said about how Qunari are all about obey and give everyone what they want… But I am a dominant partner and i only accept being in that role And you need be my submissive partner”

Then i would have been is going to romance you your father. Or at least a choice in middle of cinematic like a mass effect renegade where my dwarf tempest kick his groin saying NO WAY

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I was wondering if people would look at the thread and think ‘oh! A bunch of comments!! Must be an update! Let me go look!’

Only to be disappointed when It is a bunch of chuckleheads like me, talking about Spoon and getting a dog. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did. About two or three hours ago. Someone wrote something about update and i came running. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


There is no update if title of thread itself doesn’t change. That’s my trick to not getting hyped when threadexplodes


If you didn’t know, every single kunari is dominant in bed. 2 kunari in bed means they will struggle to maintain dominance all the time. 1 kunari and 1 other species means kunari will dominate in bed. Even if the kunari is shy and quiet one, if they can. So kunari romance means submissive romance.

In fact David Gader (the lead director of writing of game and books and i always write his name bad) Told i don’t remember where that the plan was let player choose. But Ea was scared of put a choose bed dynamics after the scandal mass effect boobs. So they let dominant only.
In books and lore Qunari dynamics are interesting as aren’t gender based as we known as women control sex and how is designed to everyone as is considered a health concern. bull is supposedly looking your auras and see inquisitors need being submissive and he does that for us. Because he loves us and does wht we need. Is even in the romance dialogue.

my opinion about this. And now entirely on topic. If we really want make a portrait of a character tht is discovering what being human is and what is our place in world think what we feel for other people and how express that and we want to not pursuing a intimacy being directed and protected about how love is or take the initiative by ourselves.
That choice should be extremely well handled as This game does. I feel my character is a person and is deeply searching her place and what love means.

And for once i feel i could really choose the way handle that in a mature way.

Thank you for all the kind words, and sorry for not being more active in the thread.

Things are busy enough right now that it’s doing my head in.

That being said, the reason I am foregoing my sort of montlyish update schedule is that the next one is gonna be BIG and I don’t want to release it in parts.



Take your time. It will be more than worth the wait. :relaxed:


Take your time. And you at least are here many authors aren’t even in the forum at all. It is appreciated that you attend our questions. But if you cant don’t worry your work talking heavily for you.


I have a feeling, mattering on the choices we make, the regen gel will end up destroyed before we use it, why I say? Because it’s every cliche for every villain character. Now while i am probably wrong but it seems just so reasonable for the simple reason…it would make Argent our ever more enemy and perhaps expose our secret leading to everything falling apart…mmmmm, because that could be such the irony. The effort to cure yourself of the problem just leads to your problem tracking you down and taking you back…though then…hmmm

I always kind of assumed our powers worked on Orpheus Ruse rules where you had to return to your own body periodically or else you’d cease to exist or something.

Also to whoever said it, I like Herald better in this game, but then I kind of ended up having to interact with him (my villain’s whole thing is fighting heroes to forge them into something stronger, after all, so I couldn’t not train him).

I really hope you’re wrong as my mc really needs that bit of tech to ever be able to truly live with himself. But more than that he really doesn’t want the world to know what he is
In any “good” ending he just wants a good life for himself free of the US government and the Farm destroyed. What he does not want is to have to become an ambassador and crusader for re-gene “rights” and emancipation.

Like I said while my mc does aim to spread the regen and possibly other (prohibited) medical and biotech around the world, he would do so in a way that benefit him, as the president/ceo of his own corporation. And to do that, not to mention if he is ever to have a love and sex life, he needs to be able to truly pass and for all intents and purposes be a “normal” human.

I’m fine with it being a choice, Why wouldn’t I be? I really do hope that having it it destroyed or otherwise lost to us isn’t inevitable in favour of some aesop about learning to love and accept yourself the way you are! :worried:

This is not some great magical artefact that needs divine favour to function it is technology and originally mentioned as intended for mass production for military purposes at that, so it can already be (re)build from the blueprints. So if it turns out that the current prototype iteration has a design flaw that limits it to one successful use that must be resolved in the next version.
As it stands, if due to working with Argent we have both the plans and the prototype my mc would be inclined to have Mortum work on building a second copy, if only to test out the production process and try to detect possible flaws and inefficiencies that need resolving in the design.


I wholeheartedly agree; I don’t want another Propaganda the game. Stuff like becoming a forced by plot pro regenerights (funny being a possible mass murderer)

@idonotlikeusernames My criticism is not against the choice is against the possibility of being forced by plot. Mara doesn’t think in others business that be sane herself


I would think it would be sort of interesting if it got put together wrong and only works once then goes boom. So if you were working with Argent one of you gets hosed. I would love to see Argent just loose it. If if Argent went first, you go bonkers. Well more then you already are. :stuck_out_tongue:

You want a extremely explosive experience with Argent. kiss her flirt with her win her in first game then Tell her both our secrets and works both together.

Sounds nice? Well same time as my character train herald and go with him on a date.

Also to make all better romance morhum and show them your secrets…
So I have a suspicion that in my sweet date with Herald Argent will appear and kill poor Danny to put herself in his place