[WIP] Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a WIP interactive science fiction novel set in the far future, ten years after the first encounter- and war- with alien life. Take on the role of a new crewman aboard the Nomad , a ship commandeered by an enigmatic captain, and staffed by a ragtag crew of survivors from the First Contact War, and try your best to survive the mission- past the point of no return into uncharted space.

Be careful, crewman. Not all is as it seems…


  • Customizable MC- including name, gender, appearance, profession and place of origin.
  • Five RO’s, including an RO’s whose gender is customizable, and two exclusively gay romances.
  • Three different timelines, differentiated by just how much you’ve broken from reality.
  • Power over time, space and the fabric of reality. (control over power not included)
  • A good amount of cosmic horror. (think Annihilation, Beyond the Aquila Rift, etc.)
  • Aliens?
  • Both character-driven and action-driven plots and subplots
  • Meaningful choices, and permanent consequences. Survival for any of the crew- and your MC- is not guaranteed.

You can play the Chapter 1 Alpha at https://dashingdon.com/go/5253


I’m sold.

And the premise is interesting, I love sci-fi like this one so I’ll keep an eye on this thread. Good luck on this WIP!


This seems really cool and I commend you for branching into three different stories from the start. Will definitely bookmark this


So for short : Lovecraftian
For long : It’s gonna be amazing


Bookmarked! Always love a good sci-fi story and this already has me hooked. You’ve done a great job at getting across how unsettling the whole thing is, looking forward to more.

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Broken timeline the best

which broken timeline? there are two. totally agree though, they’re much more fun

Love the demo! <3
btw, do you have a Tumblr account, OP? I also wanna know if we will soon have a brief description of the ROs. Thanks so much! :smiley:


I really enjoy the idea. I do have one question though why would they shave 13’s head? I mean it prompts a flashback to when they had their head shaved by those who experimented on them. Maybe it will be explained later in the story and I’m just over thinking it but it doesn’t make sense as if someone was being experimented on and had their head shaved by those people then why would the people who are supposed to be their friends also shave their head rather than letting them choice own their hairstyle? That would be more likely to prompt a response of some kind due to the trauma than just allowing their head to be shaved. Just a thought xd

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I do have a tumblr- its @/if-eventhorizon !

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There are some serious spoilers for future chapters involved in fully explaining this. To answer it simply, the captain has some questions that 13 can’t answer. At least, not with their words.

As to why 13 allows it… they’re a bit busy trapped in their own head.

Ah. Okay. That makes sense now. It was just a tiny bit confusing since I’ve written characters who have experience trauma before & was confused as to why a character would allow themselves to have their head shaved in a similar manner like those who caused the trauma in the first place. Thank you for clarifying & keep up the great work

So as kind of reference, 13’s default trauma response- especially’ to witnessing un-reality- is to dissociate, as a result of their amnesia. As the game progresses, 13 either gains more knowledge of their past, and becomes more stable, or breaks down, their trauma and trauma responses becoming more and more severe.

…I’m pretty much certain I’ve read parts of the beginning before, which I think is impossible since I assume this was recently written… The first page(s) feel completely familiar, especially the “not remembering” option (though not some parts of the flashbacks for it). The characters [especially the medic, I recall finding her last name off is distinctly the same way as I did this time (I want an umlaut on that O)] and customizing in the shower, as well.

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Ah. Interesting. Looking forward to playing more of the story to see where it goes

Okay. That’s weird. I’ve had a pre-alpha version out for roughly a year though, I made a forum post because I finally had a majority of the first chapter done. You might have run across it on dashingdon in a very, very early stage of development.

Oh, and I’m working on fixing Königsmann’s name, choicescript is giving me flak for having that umlaut, but I’ll figure it out

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That probably was it, since I’ve gone through most (basically all with the female protagonist tag) of the public dashingdon uploads and have sporadically constantly checked the new uploads for a couple years. I’m pretty used to playing games before the forum post/update :I

If ‘Ö’ doesn’t end up working, ‘oe’ is the more clear (and technically correct anglicisation) alternative. I wasn’t sure if it was actually meant to have one since sometime “Konig” in a name happens but it manages to convey grossness to my eyes.

Thanks for the help on the name- because I couldn’t have it updated on choicescript, I’ve been rolling with the “Konigsmann” spelling for quite a bit now. Hopefully I can get that fixed, and update her name to a more accurate spelling.

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Sounds interesting

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Love this!! <3

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