Wip (discontinued)

chap_2 line 891: Non-existent variable ‘boy’

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The issue was in the stats.txt file. It’s definetely fixed now. Lol.

Thanks for the feedback, people!


Oh man, I love powerful MCs. Interesting story and world to discover, along with the MC’s sickness and background. Especially with the multiple paths of animals the MC can align with. Best wishes on making progress and maintaining traction.


a bloodborne cog cool. i can practically picture the prey slaughtered popup after the kills

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Dragon is balls to the walls, killing everything head on. Wolf relies more on technique and skill. Owl relies more on stealth, maybe poisons?

I think.


12/17/22 Update:

Another 5K words added to Chapter 2, finally bringing it to a close. Next update starts Chapter 3.

Have fun!


so i really enjoyed the demo however there are many many instances of misgendering if you play as a woman throughout the second chapter.

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It’s nice to know that you enjoyed it. I tracked down many of these occurences and fixed all that I found. If you play it again and see more instances of that, just let me know.

That’s pretty much almost correct.


For those who finished Chapter 2, which of the ROs are you most interested in, so far?

  • Lord Arthur
  • Lady Aella
  • Lucius/Lucia, the Alchemist
  • Alayn/Alayne, the Holy Knight

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I just started playing this demo, but thought I’d give a heads-up on a bug. I’m playing as a male and chose my name as one of the suggested preset names, ‘Marcus’. But on the stats page it has my name as ‘Laurence’. EDIT: and also refers to my character by ‘Laurence’ in the story, instead of ‘Marcus’.

Another issue, sort of - when we’re introduced to Lord Arthur and Lady Aella, Arthur’s physical description is different to what is listed in the intro post of this thread. In game it says:
The brother, a tall, broad-shouldered, **blond with blue eyes** stands to the right of his younger sister, tall for a lady, her dark hair sways, flashing her emerald green eyes.
Whereas in the intro post in this thread it mentions Arthur as having black hair and green eyes.
Not really an issue, and I assume that the in-game description is the right one.


I had noticed that as well. I just assumes what was actually written in the game was correct.


Thanks for letting me know, mate. :saluting_face:


I’m loving it so far, can’t wait to see where it goes!! I’ll probably end up going for Alayn. Hehe, although i find him interesting, part of me thinks I’m only interested because the description said he was forbidden, almost making him off limit. It only makes him more intriguing.

There was some issues with the pronouns switching though. I took screenshots but it won’t let me post them. Basically I chose a Male Alayn, but multiple times the text goes from using he/him/his to calling him a ‘Her’ or ‘She’. I don’t think it happened at all with the Alchemist scene, just Alayn’s. Unless I missed it with Lucia too.

Lastly, idk if it’s something you feel you’d want to do or if it’s already a plan of yours, but in future updates maybe there can be more/better reactions or responses to our behavior and personality. For example, I chose an intimidating, ironic MC, but on certain parts theres no sort of acknowledgment to the morbid or ironic things he says; it either skips right on to the next part of the plot and or the characters simply give no response. For example, Nobody seemed to show any fear or caution towards my MC with 68% intimidation.


Thank you very much. I’ve been wanting to write a forbidden romance for a while.

I’ll make sure that’s cleaned up when I post Chapter 3.

Certainly. I plan on fleshing these out much more than what they presently are, that includes rewriting previous scenes too. I’m taking that into consideration as I’m writing Chapter 3.

Your MC uses intimidation.

It’s super effective!

Beast faints.

You win! :smirk:


02/27/23 Update:

Chapter 3 is up!

Have fun!


I’m a sucker for dark fantasy with some interesting looking RO… I’ll be keeping an eye on this one

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Interesting! I get lots of witcher vibes from this one. The premise is very interesting, and I can’t wait to learn more.


Hello, liking this so far, but did notice that my huntress was being referred to as he/him from chapter 2 onwards, can’t screenshot as on a mobile, was noticeable when people were talking to or talking about the Huntress. They do say huntress but constantly refer to them as he/him.


The WIP was updated by the author in Feb 2023 (as denoted by the edit in the title)… they just haven’t been replying on the forums. It’s far from being dead.


Yup me too