(WIP) Darkness Reborn [An Adventure Story | 21k Words]


  • You’re just a simple villager, living a peaceful life when your village is suddenly attacked by a group of Nightmare Creatures. They are servants of Lord Kozar, a necromancer who once tried to rule the world centuries ago until a group of adventurers sealed his soul away and ended his reign of terror.
  • But when your friends discover one of the necromancer’s magical artifacts, it triggers a series of events that will lead your fledgling group to finally defeating the ancient mage once and for all.

Hello everyone who reads this, I’m here with Darkness Reborn, a fantasy story I based off Wildermyth and the Sims Medieval.

I started working on this story months before my current larger one, just to see if I had the patience to write a choice story. I haven’t thought about it for almost a year now, but I didn’t just want to see it languishing around anymore so I’ve decided to post it here. (Looking at the cover I made for it though, it looks so cringey :sweat_smile:)

I’m still interested in finishing the story and because it is a VERY simple plot, it’ll be a lot easier to write for compared to my current story.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever submit it to be published, but that’s not really my goal. My goal is just to finish it one day and know that at least it’s not at the risk of being impulsively deleted by me now that I have witnesses that it exists.

So if you enjoy it, I’m happy, and if you don’t, I’m sorry your eyes had to see that.


You live in the Lands of Lyra, a realm once under the watchful eye of a deity known only as ‘The Watcher.’ That is until this divine guardian would suddenly disappear, paving the way for a necromancer named Lord Kozar to attempt a takeover using nefarious means. Kozar was defeated, and his soul was sealed away, leading the people of Lyra to be free from his tyranny for a time.

You and your friends are thrust into the situation generations later when you discover a strange magical artifact that once belonged to the necromancer. Kozar’s followers are now seeking this artifact, along with many others, in an effort to resurrect their master.

The fate of Lyra now rests in your hands, along with your friends, a pair of seasoned adventurers, and a descendant of the original heroes. Together, you must confront and vanquish Kozar once and for all.

Adventure Team
  • Sila

    • One of your childhood friends and younger twin sister of Yore. Sila has always been the town’s troublemaker, so it’s no surprise that she is a part of the reason why Nightmare Creatures come to attack your village. Despite her mischievous nature, Sila will stand by your side as a warrior, wielding a battleax to protect your group.
  • Yore

    • One of your childhood friends and older twin brother of Sila. Yore has always been the mature one among you, so it comes as a surprise when he is a part of the reason why Nightmare Creatures come to attack your village. Having discovered a latent talent for magic, Yore will now use his newfound abilities to fight by your side.
  • Ravio

    • A traveling adventurer who just so happens to be passing through your village just as it comes under sudden attack. Ravio is an experienced warrior who is more motivated by the wealth he might gain from defeating Kozar than by any desire to save the world.
  • Hope

    • A traveling adventurer who just so happens to be passing through your village just as it comes under sudden attack. Hope is an experienced rogue who is more interested in the fame that defeating Lord Kozar will bring her than in saving the world.
  • Alan/Alana

    • A mage who joins your group after the first interlude. Alan/Alana is a descendant of one of the heroes who sealed Lord Kozar away and has decided to join your group to continue their family’s legacy of keeping the necromancer at bay.

[DEMO] - [ 21k Words | 6k Average ]


You have a very interesting concept in mind, will look forward to the next update

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Enjoyed it so far.


Really enjoyed it. This has some crazy potential. I love the characters so far and the MC is great. Can’t wait for more. The small fight scene was also sick. I’m glad we can actually fight and hold our own.

Will picking Silas as a romance at the beginning lock out the others?


Thank you, I’ve never written a fight scene before so I was worried about it not sounding that good :sweat_smile:

You won’t be locked into a romance until the second part ends where you can drop your crush and choose someone else. After that, you won’t be able to choose again.

Your relationship status is more because when I originally wrote this, I didn’t really want to deal with number checks to see how far long you are in any type of relationship with someone. So I did it how it is in Wildermyth and just have you pick you’re relationship level in the beginning.


After I picked friend for Sila, it didn’t let me pick friends with Yore??
Edit: Nevermind that happens with every choice. Do we have to have a crush on someone?

You don’t have to romance anyone. I just wanted the player to have different relationships with Sila and Yore, which is why you can be close friends with one but not the other.

Later on when I give the choice for Ravio, Hope, and A, you’ll be able to be friends with all of them without restriction.


If you have a crush on Sila or Yora do they also have a crush on you as well, cause if seems like it? Also does your crush come to your home if you don’t go to the feast?

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I really like this! All of it! The characters, the story, amazing! The gender changes the parents? That’s really fun, I don’t mind since it kinda makes it more fun to replay. But I gotta ask, why? Why does the gender change the parents of all things!?

I think the cover is fine.

A story doesn’t need a complex plot to be worth reading. What you have so far is rather well-written, so I think you’ll be fine as long as you keep going!

Please have a bit more faith in yourself :smiling_face: I wish you good luck with your writing!


Yes for both of these!

I honestly don’t even remember why I did this, my old notes say nothing on it except what gender belongs to what parents.

I think I may just wanted to have something different for everyone so it didn’t seem like every playthrough would be the same? Or maybe I was doing early testing for how *if and *elseif works?

I really don’t know but I hope it keeps the story interesting down the line :joy:

Thank you I appreciate your words.