WIP Battlemage Correspondence Course Closed for Beta

Thanks for finding this. I found the problem, and it should be fixed now (you won the joust, congratulations!).


Ngl mc and fizza give me a gabi and falco vibe from aot, i love it.

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Good Evening,
Would it be possible do all 3 of them…?

On Chapter 10

You’ve qualified to compete, and if you somehow manage to win all three categories, you could win the prestigious “Tournament Legend” title. However, Adriano says the winner of each category is calculated from their combined score across all tournaments, so it won’t be easy. Of course, if you don’t want to spend the day fighting for glory, there are also other options. Although you’re no longer a squire, you might be able to convince Sir Kelton to let you prove yourself in his service. Or this might be a good chance to take a relationship to the next level. You could ask someone to watch the tournament with you, if there’s anyone you feel is close enough to accompany you.

Try to win the tournament! Enter all three categories.

Offer to aid Sir Kelton… if he’ll have you.

Ask someone to watch the tournament with you.

  • I Like the fights, wouldnt mind some more here and there, a good fight is part of the greatness in this books, the thrill…

  • Maybe i dont want to Aid Sir Kelton anymore, But make peace to him and Fizza…
    Maybe I want to return back as his squire and see how that ending is like…

  • And Definetly everyone likes the book romances too in middle of adventures…

What else i would Like ( If Possible ) :

  • A bit earlier romance chances, that wont interfeer with tournaments or Batles.
  • I would love to be able to train my character every now and then in the books in order
    to increase slightly my stats but also feel like im evolving as a batlemage by training.
  • Would love to see More character background, Like why Fizza so good at bow or
    myself as mage, why Cuntesa had her goals… That definetly would wrap more onto the
    stories and character sides…

Checkpoints you mean?, Like to Choose from Wich Chapter you wish to start?