[WIP] Alganen - How many secrets can you find? - DEMO


Hello! Recently, I’ve been working on my first game/book/choicescript coding experience and I’m having lots of fun with it, so I decided to share what I have so far.


Once upon a time, an adventurer wandered where he shouldn’t, and found a magical place, hidden from the whole world. He was welcomed, treated as their own, learned things no human could have ever imagined possible, and fell in love.

Then, your homeland was invaded, your people were dominated, and you and your mother were taken hostage, just to end up dispatched upon her death, punished by their ignorance.

Years later, you are back in the palace. Wearing the face of another, you must play the court game and gain the trust of one of the crown’s heirs to complete your fateful mission and correct your family’s mistake, setting your people free again.

  • Customizable gender, appearance and sexuality. Although being a honeypot is part of the game, developing romance is entirely optional.
  • Find romance or friendship with 5 ROs, including 2 women, 2 men, and 1 gender selectable. Will you fall for the target you were meant to only use for your own mission? Their twin sibling, against all reason? Maybe their younger sister, whose coming-of-age ball you’re attending? Or even the general’s son of all people, who seems to guard your target’s back like a hunting hound? Would you really exchange your childhood friend’s heart for any of them?
  • Choose how you want to play the court game. Will you get people’s trust or hone your prying skills to find secrets and gain leverage over them? Play by the book and stay on people’s good side or shock the courtiers to make an impression?
  • Will you stand loyal to your mage family, or will you find that your human side isn’t all bad?
  • Remember: in a world of intrigue and politics, everybody is hiding something, and magic won’t save you forever. Your secret might not even be the most dangerous out there.

There are 3 categories of romanceable characters, and each category has a special game mechanic.

  1. Your Partner In Crime
  • Nesteri - The Childhood Friend (M/F/NB)

Nesteri has been in your life since you were rescued by your guardians. Regardless of how you feel, they will always have a crush on you at the beginning of the game, but it is your choice whether you will allow their affections to develop further or not. Sometimes they might act too nosy or dumb to your taste, but they always mean well.

Special mechanic: Being the only mage RO, their role is to help you throughout your journey. Even if you fail at finding out any secrets on your own, Nesteri will be there to ensure you know at least the bare minimum to reach the end game. Just be careful not to neglect or betray them. They may not feel too inclined to tell you the latest gossip they’ve heard if you are hurting their feelings.

  1. Main ROs - The Crown Heirs
  • Rosalia - The Ice Princess (F)

Princess Rosalia is a mystery in many ways. In general, she only speaks when directly addressed, and even then leaves most of her line of thought to the imagination. During the day, you might find her hiding in the most awkward places, with the most elusive explanations on the tip of her tongue. Is it possible to break her barriers and unlock her soft side, if she even has one?

  • Jasper - The Prince Charming (M)

The younger twin by a few seconds, Prince Jasper manages to simultaneously be the perfect gentleman and an unforgiving airhead. Don’t take it too personally if he dismisses your advances (especially if you’re romancing him as a nobleman) or makes one or two slightly off comments. He’s just that oblivious. Since his youth, he’s been cultivating the image of the knight in shining armor, dreaming of living a romance with his one true love just like the heroes in the novels. Now, that’s quite a high standard to live up to, isn’t it?

Special mechanic: The kingdom’s succession hasn’t been decided. During your stay at the palace, you can influence the court’s opinion on who should be the next monarch. If suddenly the tables have turned in favor of the twin you are getting more familiar with… well, that’s just a happy coincidence, right?

  1. Secondary ROs - The Side Companions
  • Johanne - The Carefree Spare (F)

Princess Johanne is the late king’s third child, which puts her just outside the succession debates. While the throne being inherited by a younger sibling is not unheard of, she has no interest in the position and doesn’t bother to hide it. Actually, she doesn’t seem to bother hiding anything, making her a possible easy source of secret information. However, Hanne doesn’t have the greatest of attention spans, always jumping from one passing passion to another, as often as she changes clothes. Once you catch her interest, will you be able to hold it? Even more, what if you start to like her eyes on you, for real?

  • Bernart - The Guard Captain (M)

Captain Bernart (you have heard the royals calling him Bernie, but if his hard stare is anything to go by, you have the feeling you shouldn’t try your luck) is captain of the royal guard and the only son of Alganen’s main general. Aside from being expected to inherit his father’s position, his job seems to consist in watching the heirs’ backs like a hunting hound. Whether you call it nepotism, bodyguarding or babysitting, he’s very competent in what he does — so much he’s starting to become a surprise nuisance in your plans. Will you be able to get his blessing in your seducing scheme, or will you accidentally find yourself being seduced instead?

Special mechanic: Even if everything goes according to plan and you don’t develop any feelings for your target’s side companions, they can still find romance with someone else. That might not be your magic specialty, but Cupid’s arrow is at your disposal, and if you get the right couples together, you could gain some unexpected allies — or produce some nice blackmail material.

Possible CWs

Period-typical homophobia and transphobia
Mentions of ableism, war, death, slavery and pregnancy.

Other things to take into consideration:

  • English is not my first language and I’m very rusty right now, so any kind of feedback would be appreciated.
  • As stated before, it’s also my first experience with coding, so any feedback about errors is very welcomed.
  • If you think something could be taken off or added to the CWs, please, let me know. If I’ve treated any kind of sensitive content improperly, I would also like to know and fix it.
  • I’m a uni student with 2 internships and a slow writer in general, so game updates should take a while but I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated.

Demo link

As of 07/04/2023:

  • Prologue + Chapter 1 (in development) - Total words count: 20,1 K
  • Demo (Prologue + Chapter 1 Part 1) - Total words count: 18,9 K
  • Average demo playthrough - 8,1 K words

I love the story so far

The story seems really interesting and I can’t wait to read how the romance works out with the heirs. (Who are our stepsibling which, okay.) I have a question though, how are we going to be a to explain our lack of hands? Hand-cutting seems like a very mage-specific punishment.

If I remember right the disguise we get also gives us hands.

No hands??? How does the mc do any friggin’ thing at all then? I guess by never ever being able to wear any footwear, which is cold and painful.

Well I guess I know what my mc wants to do to his half-siblings now…let them experience how much fun no hands is too. :rage: And just letting the mc have hands again only for it to be taken away again after their “mission” will make them relive it all over again and seems super cruel.


@idonotlikeusernames i get playing a vengeful mc I am to but it’s technically not their fault

My mc wouldn’t care, since this disability basically reduced him to live like a half-beast, without hands he simply cannot do most things, get dressed in anything with pants or buttons, wear shoes, touch his own c… or even wipe his own bottom. And as for education reading books is also practically impossible.

So, yeah, revenge is the only thing my mc has left to live for…let’s see how prince boy likes having no hands for a change. :rage:

Well we can’t do it to dear old dad anymore, they are the next best thing, particularly since they have everything the mc doesn’t and since there is no way for the mc to regain his hands or his humanity on a permanent basis I think my mc would be pretty much done with living himself after having to return to having no hands again when losing the disguise.

To wash fancy clothes the mc cannot even put on by themselves without the disguise? In their disguise as noble the mc’s probably doesn’t have to launder their own clothes and when in their true form the most they could put on by themselves is probably an extremely simple tunic.

Well if the first kind of washing machine isn’t even there then the current ones in use for disabled or elderly people by affluent countries definitely are not, so bathing and staying clean without help would also be a problem for mc, probably forget about being clean-shaven too :unamused: . I’d be surprised if they even had the rain head shower and flushable toilet, let alone way more advanced stuff that takes potential disabilities into account with things like voice control.

The best medieval prosthetics were these sorts of things, but they were only really of help if you still had one good hand to manipulate them with, so they would be useless to the mc here.


Is there washing machines in this world?

That’s not what I meant by asking that lmao. If you know you know. Step siblings x washer machine.


Hey! First of all, thank you very much for everybody who has read it, liked the post or/and left a comment!

Yes, it’s as Khakihades said. The objective of drinking the shapeshifting potion is to not look like “the exiled mage”, thus the potion gives you hands for your disguise.

People with disabilities have always existed, and it’s not because they lived in a time when accessibility was not a worry that they were rendered “half-beasts”, “lost humanity”, or couldn’t do most things. In fact, even today many of the more accessible alternatives are, ironically, not affordable or not present in the daily life of many people with disability. Of course it’s more difficult, because the objects in our society weren’t designed with disability in mind, but MC can do most things by themself. They just do them differently.

Also, I think it’s worth noting that MC lives in a mage community, which is quite different from Alganen’s feudal monarchy or the Western contemporary society we have. Their culture, their clothing, their education, the way they do anything… None of that necessarily is similar to how we do things today or how we learn things worked back then.

MC can use hands whenever they want. Since their rescue, they have lived as much time with hands, thanks to Nesteri’s potions, as they have lived without hands. I don’t think it is a matter of having to conform to living in a traumatizing way after the mission, because MC has always had the opportunity to drink this potion, and will always maintain this opportunity long after the mission is over.

If your MC so desires, they can just borrow Nesteri’s magic. If you choose to play as a trans MC, it is mentioned that Nesteri is always brewing them potions so that MC can have a body they are comfortable with. It’d work the same way, they’d do it for you even if your relationship with them were terrible. Just keep in mind it’d be because of trauma, or maybe even specific tasks, not because MC can’t do things without using them in general.

Self-efficacy is really important.

Well… If it is of any consolation, only the king thought of MC’s mother as his wife and MC as his stepchild. The whole world just thought of him as a madman for “bringing mages home” like that, so humans wouldn’t consider their union official. They pretend it never happened in the first place. MC’s mother sure didn’t see him as a partner and no mage would validate such a union as well. It does raise other red flags about the reality of their ‘relationship’, though.


I feel kinda bad for the king. Everyone thought he was crazy, his wife (at least in spirit) and unborn child die, his stepchild (again, in spirit) is mutilated and taken away (you’d assume he’d have the power to stop it, but maybe he thought a temple would be better?), he holds onto this fantasy of being a happy family, only to die before he can make it happen. And on top of that his stepchild hates him and is planning on killing? ruining? the rest of his family

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After reading the prologue I have to ask:
Is the king a unreliable narrator? :eyes:

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The demo seems interesting so far,I just had a little hard time understanding a bit of things but overall it’s good! Jasper seems the one that I will pick for the romance,I can’t wait to see more of your work ^^.


Yes, he is. You got it right. :wink: But then again, how reliable can we say MC is if we have so many points of view, and the one it concerns the most isn’t among the living anymore? :woman_shrugging: You might find out yet other points of view during your journey, depending on your choices.

What did you have a hard time with exactly? Is it because of the way it is written (English, grammar problems), or is it that some story point is not clear? I could rewrite it and fix for the next update.


Pity mc’s own magic is useless for basically everything, a touch-range kill power is something almost anybody can pull-off when necessary.

Just not the way they would prefer doing them.

That’s sweet but it is still just a temporary illusion, any way the mc can work to something more permanent?

it’s the grammar that needs some work.

Just out of curiosity, which skill path did you try to go for first? I’m already working on one of them, but it’d be interesting to know which one people wanted to follow the most. Maybe I’ll prioritize them for the next update.

  • Charisma
  • Knowledge
  • Physical
  • Magic

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I like the story so far especially the disguise aspect.

Magic and court intrigue…you have my attention

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