(WIP) A Happy End for Liars

Hello! I’ve been wanting to write an IF for years and the last few months I’ve finally had the time to familiarize myself with Choicescript. A Happy End for Liars - or Liars for short - is primarily a mystery story in a fictional 1920s inspired setting with a major focus on character interactions and relationships.

It’s currently about 70k words. You can play up to Chapter 2. The demo is available here.


Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Low Fantasy

You are an ordinary person with a not so ordinary secret - one that could possibly ruin your entire life if someone were to discover it. You’ve gone through great lengths only to make a grave mistake the day before you leave the country; you confess your secret to a complete stranger.

Determined to never meet them again, you move to the Grand Duchy of Oxworth. Still, nothing is as it seems, and you are soon involuntarily involved in a scheme that is much larger than what it appears to be …

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary; cis or transgender.
  • Choose one out of four secrets. Your background and past differs depending on which one you pick.
  • Play as a master manipulator, kindhearted traveler or bumbling idiot (or as something else entirely).
  • Investigate the meaning of your dreams.
  • Encourage those around you to strive for a better future or lead them into the deep end.
  • Choose how you deal with your past. Will you make amends for it, move on, or let it consume you?
  • Gain your companions’ trust and discover their secrets. It’s up to you to keep them hidden or reveal them to the public.
  • Possibly more!

Do note that all characters are morally gray to some degree. None of them are particularly good people.

A captivating actress, Cosette Montgomerie (romanceable)

Cosette is seemingly without flaws. She is talented, elegant and extremely charming. Most of the time, she’s surrounded by others, basking in their attention. Still, there’s no one she is particularly close to. It’s difficult for her to get attached – a trait she purposefully developed - and she has extremely high expectations for others. Cosette is picky about her company. When she does like someone, platonically or romantically, she’s quick to get obsessive. So keep her close, for she makes a valuable ally, but not too close. 33 years old.

An enigmatic traveler, Regis (romanceable)

A kind, albeit reserved man who prefers to keep others at an arm’s length. Both his background and real name are shrouded in mystery, though it’s clear he’s seen his fair share of things – he remains calm in most situations and is very pragmatic, sometimes abnormally so. There’s something unsettling about him, though. That cryptic smile of his seems too well-practiced to be genuine and never quite reaches his eyes. Most people find it hard to trust him. 25 years old.

A detached writer, Marian Clare (romanceable)

Marian is a woman that is hard to get along with. She tends to be rude and is very closed off and introverted, usually assuming the worst about people. Those that get closer to her will find her to be quiet and somewhat grumpy, though always with the best intentions at heart. Truthfully, she has difficulties expressing her true emotions and tries her best to hide them behind a mask of indifference – an arduous task, considering she possesses quite the temper. Her fury has shattered friendships and caused dire consequences for her enemies. It’s for the best to not get on her bad side. 26 years old.

A relaxed doctor, Halcyon “Hal” Virgilio (romanceable)

Though he may appear intimidating at first glance, Hal is a very kind and warm person. He’s very charismatic and compassionate and always looks out for those in need. Thanks to his occupation he possesses a great amount of knowledge, something that’s not always obvious when you talk to him. In fact, he appears rather oblivious and is a tad too easygoing. He’s prone to making bad decisions and is extremely reckless. That’s because Hal always prioritizes others above himself. Making sure the people he cherishes are happy is the most important thing in his life. 32 years old.

The heir, Dari

A polite young man you met outside of a pub and also the stranger you told your secret. He’s helpful and forthcoming and sometimes a bit oblivious about how the world works. Still, he’s surprisingly perceptive. The way he studies other people’s demeanor and always says just exactly what they want to hear makes you theorize he’s not quite as naive as he lets on. 23 years old.

Content Warnings
  • Violence
  • Crude Language
  • Depiction of various mental health issues (depression, PTSD, anxiety)

Tumblr: Link


Yaay! One of the best new WiPs I’ve read recently, glad it’s here on the forum. I really like that unique concept and the fact that it’s set in 1920s. Not another medieval or modern setting (I already feel bit tired of them).

Seeing death seems to me the most intriguing and I chose it first. Although it might suck if MC sees RO’s death date the first time they meet, heh.


The chapter headings dont invert on black background

I recognize your name from tumblr! Thank you so much, I’m really happy to hear that <3
The story was originally supposed to be set in a medieval fantasy setting but in the end, I decided against it (and I’m glad I did)

I’m not sure how to reply to multiple posts so I’ll just do it here; thank you for lettting me know! I didn’t consider that. When I have the time I’ll edit the headers to make them gray. Hopefully they’ll be easier to see then.


Now THIS I have to keep my eyes on, I like where this is going.


That moment when you get drunk and tell someone you just met about your past as a mass murderer. Relatable!

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one, the prose was very solid and the characters instantly managed to be distinct.


I love it,the story is starting out really good and how the secrets and the reasons behind them are just entirely unique…it’s amazing


Weird loop thing going on.

I talked to the rich guy, and then after telling him my first name the game looped back to the start of the conversation where we’re wondering how he knows our last name.

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Can you tell me which secret you picked? I’ve been trying to recreate the bug but so far I haven’t found anything. Thanks in advance!

Ah and before I edited it that would have been obvious, my apologies.

Secret- See death.

It’s alright! I’m honestly not sure what causes the loop. I tried every option and checked the code but can’t see anything amiss. I plan to sleep soon but I’ll check again tomorrow. I probably missed something.

On that note, thank you for the nice comments! I’m a bit bad at responding to them directly but I’m really, really grateful nonetheless. Thank you! <3


I picked the blight option To me it sounds like something I would get involved in That world accident or inipulation

Ah, I’m so Happy we get a choice about you know what!

2 Good WIP in one night! Be still my heart, we are being spoiled here peoples! :grin:

Love it! Love it!

P.S: I picked the curse, but then I went for ‘Seeing the dead’. I’m like move aside Ms whats her name see ghost? yeah her! :sweat_smile:


So far Seeing Death seems to be the most popular secret! To those who picked it, I’m curious, did you tell Dari about his death date or keep it to yourself?

I unfortunately still haven’t been able to recreate the loop. If anyone else has encountered it, please let me know.
Also, I started working on Chapter 2 yesterday! My plan is to write at least 500 words every day. It’ll be a lot less taxing to write than Chapter 1 so I think it’ll be done mid to late December. I’ll post a progress report every weekend.


to answer your question: Yeah. I though the guy was oblivious saying weird stuff concerning money, I was like ‘Nobody killed him for being clueless. Maybe telling him he gonna die…he’ll drop dead? Let’s try it!’ Joking :sweat_smile: But you gotta admit, that is a nice ice breaker…instead of ‘Akward’…don’t know what to say :joy: .

Dari: Are you all right?
Dari: Hmm, stand there all akward do you need anything?
Dari: Want some help getting up?
Mc: Get up on her own
Dari: Right…so what happen here again?
Mc:…You gonna die on the 13th of 1813!
Dari: Gasp That’s…Faint
Mc: Poke Poke Are you dead?
Dari: I…I don’t like how this is going…ARGH! Pick something else!
Mc: I’m cursed…
Dari: Jump back up Ohhhh tell me more!
Mc: Snatch his wrist You are too now!
Dari: Die
Mc: Now I can keep your watch :smirk:
Dari: Poke Mc
Mc: Mc Turn around and find herself in front of Dari but as a Ghost Oh great…
G-Dari: I know it! I know it fell around here! Now give it back!
Mc: You don’t need it anymore…now Shoo!
G-Dari: Come on! please!
Mc: So annoying…Pick another choice- Killer Hold still! Stab Stab Stab
G-Dari: What in God’s name are you trying to do?
Mc: Crap…he is a Ghost for real! Be right back, don’t go anywhere! run in the bar Anyone has a Vaccum for me to use?
Someone: Aren’t invented yet hon…try a broom if you wanna clean the street!
A Drunk: Or lift that skirt some more…Hic
Mc: Run back with a broom Shoo Shoo!
G-Dari: Are you done?
Mc: Damnit! This suck…I’m leaving, you can float there!
G-Dari: But my watch! hey come back! I want my watch back!
*Author Note: And that’s how you meet and create your 1st Ghost companion, enjoy!

Totally should be sleeping… :sweat_smile:


I saw similar bug in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (although the loop was smaller). You can ask @Doriana-Gray maybe she knows what’s going on.

Of course I did :sunglasses:


@E_RedMark I have to agree with your assessment, he IS extremely clueless. Thank you for the tidbit! I had a lot of fun reading it. Have a good night!

@Cingulum_diaboli Oh, I might message them then. Thank you!

Most people I’ve asked didn’t tell him so this is a (nice) surprise. Maybe knowing his death date will finally encourage him to use his money for something useful instead of spending it on unnecessarily fancy watches …


Oh! I love it, cant wait for more to come :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Im very excited to meet mah doctor :heart_eyes:.

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I’m pretty sure the problem is with this block of code (when you’re introducing yourself to Dari):

    #"... Emmett."
        *set pcname "Emmett"
        *goto chap10
        *set pcname "Roman"
        *goto chap10
    #"... Mireille."
        *set pcname "Mireille"
        *goto chap10
        *set pcname "Harper"
        *goto chap10
        *set pcname "Emery"
        *goto chap1
        *set pcname "Aster"
        *goto chap10
        *set pcname "Sage"
        *goto chap10
    #Input your own name.
        *goto inputfirstname

If you pick the name Emery, you get sent back to the chap1 label instead of progressing to chap10 as you would with any other name.


Thank you so much for finding it! I totally missed it. Should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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