Winter of Witches Updated 9/3/2018



Updated just now. Details above.

@ParrotWatcher I absolutely agree with you about that first choice after you get the bag off your head. I was never happy with them. I think they’re better now, but I still have a little work to do with the “indulge your fears option.”

The second thing you mentioned. The first conversation with the other prisoner could probably use a few more choice too. I didn’t get to it today though.

@MultipleChoice Thanks for the advice. I think the pace definitely still needs work. I’ll keep an eye on the length of the sentences. I have a plan for the stats. That’s all I can say for now. The choices in the early part of the game aren’t dependent on the stats. They mostly effect the stats. There’s a very clear point in my mind where all the decisions you’ve made up until that moment start “paying off.” That’s when the stats will start to matter, and I think that’s the point where I’m going to to go back and start putting stat changes on all the choices.

@VioletHikari You will get to pick your character’s height. I almost got there tonight, but I just ran out of steam. I do almost the same thing except I’m really tall, and naturally picture my characters that way. However tall you decide to be Millie/Charlie is just a little shorter.

@ToxicDreams I intended that scene to have the other prisoner afraid at first she/he thinks you’re one of the people who’s holding the both of you prisoner. Then relax almost immediately when she learn’s you’re not. I looked at it again though and I see what you’re saying I played with it a little today. I hope it’s better now.


…sooooooooooo Millie is technically a midget? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just kidding since in real life I’m 5’0" :sweat_smile:, and I’ve been told that people that are shorter than 5’0" are technically midgets… or do they prefer to be called dwarves? …little people? :confused:


Kidnapped me for reasons unknown.

Power comes from sacrificing others or themselves to their so called ‘gods’.

The most powerful witch (The Warlock) seems to be a deranged mad man.

Rituals looks like scenes out of a horror movie.

I don’t know about you guys, but as soon as I got out, those witches are going to be hunted down to extinction.


@Nightgazer You will definitely be able to do that.

That’s all I have to say right now.


But wait… aren’t there suppose to be a fair trial ? How are we going to determine who are the witches ? that’s why i ask @Camille622 whether there are some test design to “test” the witches ? :slight_smile:

I don’t want to kill them all , i want to recruit them for our own benefit … such powerful witches can be used to fight against Demons and other evil beings , we need to set up a special division to train and work with “Good” witches … like the IMF or something …


Good news! @Eric_knight You can sorta do that too. Well the actual test for witchcraft comes in very late, but there are absolutely good witches that you can meet, befriend, quest with, and even romance.


That is a wonderful news indeed… because i would think an Aristocrat’s offer for these witches so that they are able to settle peacefully , without hiding is a generous offer… they ultimately will be a powerful allies to my land…

and if i marry with one of them, our child could bear the power ( i suppose witch power can be inherit right?) and become a powerful ruler him/herself when grow up :-):hugs:


I don’t think witch power works that way, since from what we’ve seen, it indicates that their power comes from some kind of contract with their ‘gods’, as for sages power…


Sounds like you just came up with the MC for a sequel (if things works that way that is) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not necessary, it could still be a story about father/motherhood … like MC and romance partner rescuing their child from a demon or from the witch-hunters ? :slight_smile:

I think it still require a specific bloodline … when a witch’s body cells being touch by the “God(s)” , the power will eventually be multiplied into many more cells, and some of these cells will become body cells of our child right ? Hence the power could be inherited :slight_smile:


I was kidding :unamused:


Oh… but that was such insightful idea , i really think your prediction can come true one day… The Witch and a baby look cute :-):laughing:


Hello. I was hoping to have the next big chunk done before today, but alas…it isn’t. No good reason actually. It just took longer than I expected.

I’m going away tomorrow for three weeks so there won’t be any updates until I’m back. If you like my story please don’t think it’s abandoned. If you don’t like it…well then I guess you won’t have to see it for a while.

Oh a couple people have speculated about the possibility of sequels centering on your character’s children I actually have more ideas for these characters than I can possibly fit into one book so if there are sequels it will follow the same character.


Take care, enjoy your trip :slight_smile:

The same character in the sequel is cool as well… can continue my legacy with an RO then :-):sweat_smile:


Pronoun swapping.

These are just suggestions. First is coma adding:
…swinging slowly, there is…
…behind you, anoher man…

Second is pronoun adding:
…of ceremony that the rest…
…can see that it’s covered… or …can see it being covered…

Typo: He’s body -> His body

The newest still slowly ooze blood.

What is the newest? I know you refer to the lines, but grammatically it’s not clear, and is it one newest one or are they the newest ones? Also, because you’re talking about freshly wound here, so I suggest the sentence become Those newest are still slowly oozing blood or The newest ones are still slowly oozing blood.

Typo and pronoun swapping, and missing of quotation mark at the last sentence.

Overall, the plot is certainly intriguing. I’m quite curious about the relationship of mc and Charlie as personally I don’t really like him as a character, but his character definitely allows a lot of room for plot development. He also seems like a really necessary companion for mc.


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