Why some Hosted Games can't be bought off Steam?

I when I wanted to buy Paradigm City, searched it up on Steam. Shocked when it wasn’t there, I realized that many of Hosted Games can’t be bought off of Steam! I’m not calling this a MAJOR issue or anything bad (I can just get it on my phone), but why is this…this exactly?

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Because CoG is only allowed to publish a certain numbers of games in Steam, because of that they can’t publish every HoG there.

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Never thought of it like that…

Hosted Games is sort of a subsidiary, and it has much less stringent qualities than the normal “Choice of Games” line. This also means the quality will vary; some of the games are really good, and others not so much.

As a result, the only Hosted Games that tend to get on Steam are the ones who do very well (like Tin Star) or who’s writers had success elsewhere (Zombie Exodus; Safe Haven being put on Steam at the same time as it’s normal release was because @JimD proved successful with Zombie Exodus)

@Urban also mentioned the other reason; Steam only allows them to put up a certain number of games. If you notice, not even all of CoG’s official back catalogue is on Steam either.


As others have already said, it’s a valve issue. Most HG’s and a number of COGs are not on steam at the moment. You can read about it here:

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'cuz reason.

I’d like to buy it on Steam, too, because that’s where I keep my personal CoG catalog. :grinning:

As it is, I just buy some of them more than once.

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I’m sorry to hear that all the games will not be on steam! I’ve seen several hosted games I would love to play but would much prefer to have them on steam. I hate having games on so many places. I guess maybe I will check on my app stores and see if any of the ones I have my eye on are available there and get them for my tablet instead of pc.

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