Question about steam games

I have a question, Can you play steam games on a mobile phone? I found the app for Google and saw a couple of games I might actually enjoy but I am very hesitant to buy them because I am not sure it’s for desktop only. Another question if I may, are all choice of games/Hosted games available on all platforms or are there some only for certain platforms? Any input would be appreciated.

Almost all CoG and HG titles are available on Google Play, the App Store and Amazon. I think all CoG titles are available on Steam, and also some HG titles are available on Steam.

If you want a CoG/HG game on your phone, I recommend downloading it on either the App Store or Google Play :blush:

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Steam mobile only used to browse steam catalog on the road or to get mobile authenticator.

AFAIK, Steam doesn’t have any mobile games.

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To add on to the post above, Googling™ would probably show you this:

Not sure if it’s available now, but hm. I didn’t look too far on it, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit 2: Oh, the app is free of charge (?). I still don’t know much about the subject, so probably do that research yourself. I think it’s still on beta, though? It’s new.

I don’t think Steam Link will necessarily lets you play Dota on your Apple. IMO it’s more like “your phone as the I/O device, your computer as the processing hardware,” meaning that you’re playing a PC games, but you can use your phone instead of mouse & keyboard.


I think you got it right, it seems like that to me too. Still, I learned something new today, I never knew Steam Link existed. :thinking: You learn something new everyday…

Not that I’d know how well it would go for CoG/HG games, if it were fully functionable. All in all, Steam still seems limited to PC games…

Thank you for your input it was very helpful.

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The Steam Link app lets you stream the games from your PC to your device. The game will be running entirely on your PC, and so you’ll need a PC capable of running it, but you can use your phone as the screen from elsewhere in the house. You also need a Bluetooth controller. It doesn’t add touchscreen controls to games that don’t have them.

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