Why do I get this error message when compiling my game?

Hi there,

I’m currently trying (unsuccessfully) to compile my game so that i can upload it on to Dropbox. However, I keep on getting this error message when compiling on Firefox:

"Extracting js data from:

Extracting css data from:

Game title set to: Trained to Kill

Combining scene files…
Error: Could not open web/mygame/scenes/*comment PLAYER STATS.txt
Export Failed."

What does that error message even mean? I don’t even have a “*comment PLAYER STATS.txt” file in the first place.

Just to let you know (as it may be relevant) I am using the compiler from this website:

Note: I do appollogise for not posting a screenshot of the error message as I know that would be easier, but for some reason, my laptop is not allowing me to do so.

Do you have a line in startup.txt that says “*comment PLAYER STATS.txt” or *scene *comment PLAYER STATS.txt"?

Underneath my *scene_list, I have “*comment PLAYERS STATS”. However, I have not written “.TXT” at the end of that *comment.

I think the compiler thinks *comment PLAYERSTATS is the name of one of your scene files. The reason it’s failing to open it is because it doesn’t exist.

Try double checking your use of spacing/indentation. Something may be off there.

Just guessing 'cause you haven’t posted your code, it looks something like this:

    *comment blah blah blah

It should look like this:

*comment blah blah blah