Why are there so many HGs genderlocked to male?


I think what’s been said already about cultural factors pretty much explains exactly why things are as they are today.
It seems like what you’re trying to say is just that “men today like this” and “women today like this”, but that doesn’t mean much of anything though, that’s just a brief observation of what’s in front of your eyes, or rather in front of everyone’s eyes, there’s literally no meaning to that.


Maybe I said things I shoudn’t had bc you pissed me off. For that I say sorry. But I don’t think I missed anything. Actually you are the one who doesn’t seem to understand what several people here are trying to tell you.


Can’t you see that this is circular? Developers market games more to a certain gender, resulting in more of that gender buying that genre. That leads to a feedback loop where developers assume those are the only people they should market the games to. You’re seeing lots of people who would play these games, but feel like they’re not being aimed at them. There are so many factors going into this that you can’t assume that female gamers are just naturally less likely to go for certain genres, when all around there are female gamers who are being neglected from those same genres. The solution to seeing that certain people are being ignored isn’t “well, guess they won’t go for this anyway, so let’s ignore them even more” but rather to not ignore them so much.


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lol you guys think im against games having female as a option? i wish all the games have gender-choice

what i did post here was my opinión about why some games are genderlocked and why some games are more appealing to a certain gender (and i mean the wider audience) thats how many companys work and thats how i see it.

anyway, i dont want to enter into more debate… my head hurt :sweat_smile:


Nah I’m not against you dude, just a tad bit unsure of what you’re talking about :P.


let me quote you guys this link

that is what i mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Playing devil’s advocate is more difficult than most people think. :smile:

It requires a lot of attention to exactly how you phrase everything you say, to get your point across, instead of making people defensive or angry.
You are definitely not the only one doing that. Not on this forum, and not even in this discusion.


Why wasn’t there a romanceable squid in Sea Eternal? I mean, Japan’s been doing romance with cephalopods for over two hundred years!

Hentacle jokes aside, it’s clear that there’s a wider potential audience for games that aren’t genderlocked. With that said, I think something that hasn’t been touched on much here is that authors write as much for themselves as they do for the paycheck. They’re putting their writing and their aesthetic sense out there and asking if anyone wants to read it. And there remain valid aesthetic reasons for genderlocking a game.


Dunno about cephalopods, but I like snake people.

Take that as you will.


There is also this.

I write for a pretty damn niche audience as it is, and if I were averse to audience alienating-premises (including genderlocking) then I have avoided them along with the style, the setting, and the punishing level of mortality.

That being said, that does not render me immune from criticism, even if the criticism in question is of a design feature rather than an oversight. The audience is not obligated to change their mind because the author tells them to.


I don’t think that people here were discounting the fact that the author put their creation out there so that they could share it to us. I do respect them for putting their time and effort to create worlds we have come to explore. It is just some demographics wants to be heard and acknowledge in this medium or any other medium for that matter.


The problem is when these demographics, in desiring to be heard and acknowledged, start attacking authors who don’t have a place for them in their particular story. This has toned down over the years I’ve been in this community, but I’m still seeing a certain sense of it in this thread - the idea that women, nonbinary people and non-heterosexuals have a right to be PCs in every game. And I’m not on board with that. I’m not going to be buying the BxB game under Heart’s Choice, for example, but I’m not knocking the people who are making it, I hope they have a successful launch and get lots of BxB fans who do buy it, and I’m confident that Heart’s Choice will have catalog entries that are relevant to my interests.


I am not seeing that - I’m interested in reviewing concrete examples where you see the entitlement in this thread.


Yes I do acknowledge that there some bad bloods out there but that doesn’t represent the rest of the demographic since we cannot really please everybody.

Some will hate what you do and some will love what you do regardless how much you cater to their needs.


In all honestly, the statement struck me as the age-old attempt at completely exaggerating something in order to ridicule someone and draw ‘support’ to one’s own side.


Funny, what I seem to hear the people who you claim are pushing this POV actually saying is that they are against “the idea that heterosexual cisgender males have a right to be PCs in every game.” Which is funny, because in the majority of games, they already are. So, I really don’t know how more inclusivity (and NOT at the cost of exclusivity for anyone) is a threat or problem.


This pair of posts in particular got me seeing a problem. This is a statement that “it is bad to genderlock to male, particularly if you’re doing it for reasons of historical verisimilitude*.” There’s a clear “you shouldn’t” said to an author’s aesthetics, and one that I don’t believe is warranted.

*I prefer this term to ‘realism’. The latter is a buzzword.


I’m not really seeing it in this thread, but what I think people are doing is trying to point out that the typical excuses for not including other groups (women, lgbtq, etc.) aren’t really valid or aren’t as impossible as some may think. :slight_smile:


Giving an opinion that flimsy reasoning is often used as an excuse to genderlock isn’t the same as entitlement, or attacking.

I also haven’t (and don’t plan to) purchase any male genderlocked games–saying that that’s an attack on any creator who makes a game like that is kind of pushing things to the opposite extreme of the argument you say is being made. No game is OWED an audience, and if in someone’s opinion a genderlocked male game isn’t worth buying, it’s that person’s right just as much as the creator’s is to genderlock their game


I might be misintreperting your post (sorry if I am) but @Ramidel is right in pointing out there was a lot of pressure put on WiP that were coming up with genderlocked stories last year, however, I don’t see such coalescing of pressure in this thread.

I saw this as an expression of an opinion not a gathering of entitlement sentiment or a call to protest as we saw last year - I don’t see anyone following through on this. I think it is different then the incidents of the several WiP threads that were exhibiting such a coalescing.