Why are there so many HGs genderlocked to male?


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Next time, maybe notice all the women saying that they would be interested in those games if they weren’t gender-locked? You’re making an assumption that these genres are more appealing to men or women just by their very nature, but a lot has to do with the kinds of selections they get, the kinds of marketing they get, and the kind of reception they get when they play them.

Or, for that matter, all the men who typically prefer romance over warfare (I would be one such)…

But yeah, I’d rather call attention to some of the posts in this thread by women themselves, like this one by Eiwynn in particular.

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you think a developer will care about that? i dont think so, they make what gives them the most revenue and while they may be a lot of both gender one way or the other, if they know something is that it will always will go one side.
its sad but it is what it is :roll_eyes:



Ok, that could work.


Well, Choice of Games is a developer, and they care about that, so, yes.

I do realize that if a developer is going for short-term profit, then catering to their current audience makes sense pragmatically, but that doesn’t mean it’s what they should do. That’s what leads to potential customers being alienated, like a whole bunch of people who’ve posted here are. And it totally argues against the idea that women or men just aren’t interested in certain genres by the very nature of the genres, as opposed to the nature of what’s being marketed in those genres.

And looking in the long term, opening up a wider potential audience is both pragmatic and good.


This is patently false. One reason BioWare, even with recent missteps, is liked by a large number of people is that unlike a lot of other companies, they actually took time to include women as a playable option, as well as same sex romances.

Hell, Bethesda does the same in their open world games.

As for expectations? There are examples where their own focus groups proved to be wrong.

As for preferences? A lot of that can also be chalked up to cultural factors. If a group says “men will like X” and “women will like Y” from the time they are kids, that means that it will have an effect.


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if there was girls into war game as much as boys i dont think we will have this debate, but if games are coming gender locked is exactly because the market shows otherwise.
so yeah you can think that, i still will think that certain genres are more appealing to a certain gender :wink:

so you think that a war centered game having a female as a option will attract the same amount as a male¿? sorry but i dont buy it.


@djisma69 - In addition to what @Lys said above, having personally talked with developers in multiple companies industrywide, I can tell you that the majority at least pay lip-service to caring. There are other factors involved including publishers and IP holders that intervene but to say the developers take nothing but a bottom-line view isn’t true.

You say you are a fan of 2k NBA basketball - have you ever talked to DaCzar or any other of that game’s developers? If not, perhaps you should because in my experience that team very much so wants to be inclusive and encourage more women playing their title … especially those developers 2K took directly from the community.

Why is it EA included WNBA in their basketball title? Perhaps because it is time … 2K may be forced to expand their content as women’s basketball grows in popularity worldwide.

@everyone - Please stick to the topic - no more spiders or weird ass creature. If I have to go through and weed out posts in a 300 post thread, I won’t be happy.


Funny, then Baldur’s Gate I and II wouldn’t have been a success, or the various Gold Box games put out by SSI.

Or why don’t you go ask the people who love Overwatch?

Or if you want just a single woman in a role, then go ask people who play Metroid or Horizon Zero Dawn.


im saying that there is wider audience of gender to certain types of games, why there is so many otomes and datin sim gender locked female in phone stores and not that many as male¿? take a guess.

you have played mmo online, so you know what im talking about


I think it’s important to both have games which have the option of letting you create your character ala Skyrim or Mass Effect and also ones with established gender ones, but for COG games if it can be both it’s probably the better option.


This starts to gets boring, you are just repeating the same thing. And it’s just not right to think that certain games or clothes or whatever are only good for boys while other things belong to girls. Even if it applies to the majority, what about the others? Is it right for a some people to feel like they are the odd ones just bc they can’t be interested in the things what’s “expected” from them?
All I get from your posts is this “these games are for boys why would you girls even be interested in these?” is it so hard to belive that girls can be interested in other things to than romances or whatever else you think we should be interested in?
Also I don’t want to bring this on a personal level but judging girls based on your 5 sister? If they are on the same opinion even that doesn’t matters much. How many girls/woman live on this planet aside from your sisters? You can’t seriously believe that all of them think the same way as your sisters do.


You specifically asked if there was a female option centered war game (or at least equal), would it sell just as well? I provided several examples in which combat was a critical part of it, to the point of including 2 single player games in the form of the Metroid series, and Horizon Zero Dawn, and all of these games have done very well financially.

So yes, a female gender locked war game can sell well, even if an audience of a given size might be of one gender or another.


Well, I’d say that GTA style games would be considered more attractive for males than females, but Volition still added the option to be female to Saints Row 2 and onwards. Even though you’re playing the same character as in the first one, who couldn’t be female… :smile:
Of course, that’s also when those games started going banana-cake crazy, but I count that as a good thing.


I’m still waiting for Rockstar to do a game’s story with at least one female protagonist to be fair.


Part of that is, for some, the lack of gender choice, thus:

…making the latter part of that statement is quite untrue. :slight_smile:


Speaking as a guy who plays certain kinds of games on consoles but can vary here and there, I think it’s pretty clear that there will always be people of both genders playing all types of video games. Granted there will be certain kinds of games which appeal to one gender or demograph more, but even so…


but i mean exclusive female buyers, :wink:

i think you missed my point entirely, and i never said there are genres for a certain gender, what i did mean is that some genres get wider audience male or female.

anyway i give up since no one is getting my meaning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only truism in what you say is that internal bias seeks to support itself and is very hard to counter.