Who's heard of Endmaster in ChooseYourStory?

I love all his storys

I read all ur work on story games except eternal…I like them but still like choice script better

eternal isn’t finished yet anyway its only the first story branch of three if im lucky maybe he release the second branch then work on the third branch if not its gonna be a long waiting time :-((

Full game or not, that game felt and is complete.

I read it yesterday it took me hours but I could not stop until I was at work…and I considered being late to finish the story… I demand u make one in choice script

You’re talking about Eternal, correct?
The only reason I’d like him to toy with CS is because my school’s computers aren’t blocked by ChoiceofGames, for whatever reason.

Yea I’m tlkn about eternal…best story I read in a long time…I really hope he do a CS GAME

Endmaster is great at these games, i have read everything he’s done on CyG.

JMgskills is pretty good also, he has a list of 7 Star Wars games & is only halfway done with the story

My interest is peaked. Are there links to any of these? I can’t find them on the main site.

For EndMaster? Here’s his prof on CYS:
All his games can be found there.

Excellent, thank you. :slight_smile:

Your welcome

Play Necromancer first if you are thinking of playing Deathsong. Deathsong is sort of a spinoff of it. Also, don’t play Deathsong at all if you’re a depressive type of person. Seriously it’s like, pretty much the most depressing game I’ve ever played. Endmaster just seems to have this great well of negative emotion he can call on and project into his writing and the game just makes you feel terrible after playing it.

If there’s one game of his that I wouldn’t suggest anyone play it’d be loveSICK. It’s not poorly written, none of his stuff is, but it seems to have been an exercise to see just how disgusting a story he could possibly write. It’s basically torture porn.

I played Necromancer, enjoyed it mostly except for the SPOILER Ending where Big Red Explains that your basically Going to hell.
Played Eternal and Ground Zero, enjoyed those as well.

Just, played Deathsong, That was Depressing

since @Zed threw down Endmasers link, i’ll put in JMgskills link


Holy fuck I just played necromancer and death song.
I don’t really know how to feel about this and I’m thinking about jumping off the local bridge.
Seriously tho, really good games, thank you for bringing him up young. I really liked his works.

Have you played Alpha Wolf? There was A particular Scene in it that disturbed me.

@Zed yes i have, what scene are you talking about?

The one with Oliver and Isis that happens when you stay the night.