Who is your favorite sidekick? Heroes Rise


Out of the three Heroes Rise sidekicks, who did you like the most?

Pressie. I love earth-bending. Probably because of The Last AirBender (the cartoon, not that… other thing.) besides, he seems like he could become one hell of a hero some day.

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Tarana Rain.
For the potential she had.
And the potential comedic value.
I can just imagine our MC and Tarana being in a sit com.
And our hero would just facepalm so much.


You can actually make polls using Discourse. There’s no need to link to an outside site.

https://meta.discourse.org/t/a-better-poll-bar-chart-feature/28008 has instructions.

Thanks for telling me, I’ll definitely do that next time.

I still like sparrow despite me knowing who she really is. I just dont like the oyher two…

I thought sparrow was annoying somewhat.

Sparrow was always my favorite. I only played through with the other sidekicks once each. I thought Tarana was spoiled, Pressie was annoying, and then there’s Sparrow, the delightful little outcast who doesn’t talk much. And is a bird.

I also like that if you pick her, you get a speech from Prodigal later telling you how she knew you’d pick the underdog and was counting on it. I think there were similar things for the other sidekicks, but that one was the best.