Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

Artifical Life as a AI. By Speed Cubing Gaming

I think that WIP had massive potential as a sorta Spiritual Successor to Choice of Robots.
The idea of being a senitent AI capble of engaging with the world, using it’s vast abilities to improve or destory the world is just awesome to me.

Your basically put in the position of the robot instead of the creator, and in that position you must rise to have the right to lifw. Will you be a classical AI trying to obey it’s orders to the T trying to supress it’s emotions.

Will you be really benevolent AI who actively try to help the world in every way it could, will you be a Overlord who attempts to control humanity through those abilities, will you be a destroyer who wants a world only full of robots and other AI, or even just you wanna watch the world burn.
The choice is yours!

It saddens me how it’s really only at the opening stage and none of the main chapters are finsished yet… I hope the author returns and at least gives us more chapters inorder to show how their story would play out.


I had a lot of hope for the colonizing Kepler series I don’t think it’s being worked on anymore.


From what I’ve communicated with the developers, it seems that the work is continuing, albeit with some delays due to life reasons.(This is about the Kepler colony.)


Under the Camphor Tree, I hope they’re alright. It’s been two years and the silence was sudden. I swear I saw a post for this WIP but I’m not entirely sure anymore.

I wish Porthecrawl Witness was updated


CODEX, yeah I miss this one


Exactly my though :sob:.
Team Zero is my fav Wip, 4ever in my heart :two_hearts:.
Still, I hope the author is okay.


bastard of camelot was the goat

Bastard of Camelot isn’t dead. The author just moved all of their WIPs to Twine.


ive never heard of twine. is it similar to cog in terms of structure and all?

It’s not a publishing platform or structure, it’s a tool for making interactive fiction.


Thanks a lot @HarrisPS and @Gloomcat

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Curse of the blooming lotus, and Seven days in purgatory. Man these WIP is really good and promising, even Seven days in purgatory is literally the only WIP that spook me out. I never heard anything from these author since 2021


Gosh I’ve been waiting at the edge of my seat for this one. I get brainrot every few months.


Been said before, but for sure Through Broken Lenses. Such a cool concept only for it not to be done


Those Betwixt and Nothing left to burn. The characters from both of those IF’s have always stuck with me and I miss them. I hope the authors are doing well.


Those Betwixt​:sob::sneezing_face:Love it so much…

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RIP to all the good Superhero and Fantasy WIPS.

Superhero Secret Agent was my favourite by far. Silly name but pretty good writing…


That one’s a CoG game under contract, so may be more likely to be completed in the end (though who knows, it may not; these things happen).

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