Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I know. They just locked the forum and it’s been months since an update so I felt like it qualified.


I can’t control my impulses to play WIP games, so like an idiot I decided to go and play every game mentioned on this thread. I kind of regret playing “Team Zero”. I got attached to Alex. Damn it.

That said “The Seven Winds”, “Team Zero” and “The Clueless Teen’s Guide to Living with the Supernatural” are the top three I’d resurrect if I could :weary: :sob: :confounded:


Haha, I forget a lot of their names, too.

Thinking about abandoned WIP’s got me thinking, and now I have a bunch in my head that I can’t put a name to! There are two that are really bothering me. Does anyone remember the name of the game that was sci-fi noir, and you had a little robot companion? And there was another one where you were a prince or a princess at a ball, and it was set in like… the twenties or something?


How The Cards Fall and OBLIQUE?

I miss The Spiral Kingdom, it was very well written and engaging.


The Seven Winds and Eight Thrones.


In addition to the ones already mentioned, Blackraven and Sovereign Realty


Yes! Thank you! This forum needs more robots and princesses. Robot princesses? ;D

And I loved Spiral Kingdom… Those flashbacks were intense.


Spiral Kingdom was really interesting… I like the flashbacks, the humor, the mc’s relationship with jesse (that was his\her name right?), the gladiator idea…

Robot princess- now that would be cool :slight_smile: As a matter of fact, i’ve started reading a book that mixes robots, tech, and the fairy tale Cinderella and is set in Japan - it’s called Cinder by Marissa Meyer; love it so far


Woah, I forgot about Spiral Kingdom… :cry:

This thread is making me feel sooo nostalgic.


Does anyone know what happened to The Clueless Teen’s Guide to Living with the Supernatural author?

EDIT 10:18 CENTRAL 3/22/2015: Last PostMar 18, '13, And they were last seen in october 2014. Thats a pretty big gap and why didn’t they respond to the thread after being gone so long ;c


It also seems their twitter is inactie ( the letter to left of b is pushed in) STALKER MODE ACTIATE https://twitter.com/CS_Closet (and it’ just popped up)


I miss Switch.
It was funny, made me laugh and made for an altogether pleasant afternoon.
It bothers me that I’m never going to find out how the plot would have wrapped up…


Purple Reign. I like the idea of being the Eastern Roman Emperor, dangit!


I too liked Team zero allot, also vendeta


Definitely Team Zero. That WIP was filled with so much potential! The story, characters, and etc were so good. I don’t know what happened to it though, I hope the author didn’t abandon the game, and is just taking a really long break :laughing:

I also enjoyed The Spiral Kingdom, that game where you have powers and you train a child of your choice(though I’m not sure that one’s dead), and the game where you are mistaken as the prince/princess and you have to act like them or else you’ll be killed, among other great WIPs that are now unfortunately dead.


I vote for Spiral Kingdom… would love to know how Jesse becomes the Crow!


I didnt know blackraven was dead! Last time I checked the author was still working on it as a side project or something like that.


Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did I check out this topic. Now I’m playing and loving all of these games that are dead why did you do this to me


Welcome to the sweet torture of reading ‘An Imperial Affli…’

I mean, of reading Works in Progress.


On the plus side, I don’t think Sovereign Reality is dead :slight_smile: In March CitizenShawn said he’s made a lot of changes and is planning on updating at some point