Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

From what I read magic was unable to be used due to the festival or the servant would have been Aden himself?

Plot magic. At first read, before skimming its thread, I was immediately trying to work out the logistics as well, such as issue of the voice, and it seems the author responded to a similar query with

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there are plot twists that explain that and I don’t really want to reveal them right now. (I have hinted at them though, so you might be able to guess.) For now let’s just say MC is really good at changing their voice.[/quote]

There is magic protectorate, if I can recall, solely around the castle, which means MC is either unknowingly bypassing with the voice changes, or perhaps even immune altogether.

Pure speculation…

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Plot magic. At first read, before skimming its thread, I was immediately trying to work out the logistics as well, such as issue of the voice, and it seems the author responded to a similar query with

I see, well I mean its not ALL bad, my fiance turned out to be another girl so I can’t complain there :stuck_out_tongue:

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And a princess, no less, while my pessimistic girl is stuck in limbo admiring an awkward Airel…

I was taken with Airel myself, but if I’m going to play a fiance I’d rather it be to another girl instead of a boy, at least I’m not going to feel so weird about kissing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keeper of the Sun and Moon: It was the first WIP I ever played, and back then I used to think they all got finished. :slight_frown:


Though my preference lies in the opposite direction, I am ecstatic you have that choice. And that is truly what I love most about the Choice gaming community. Inclusion is not merely an afterthought.

Ah, yes, I remember that one, well my headcanon there was that my female mc had a natural a-cup combined with tall, athletic, outdoorsy and interested in sports. She was planning on staying the prince, as she likes both the power and the masculine role better.
My main male mc was a not very fit, bookish recluse, who hates the social interactions and the life he’s forced into (and combats it with copious quantities of snark) and is in it in the hopes of gaining more of the other kind of power (as in magic).
Any way my mc’s are both obviously very pretty and have the same intellectual capacity, but my female mc’s weakness would be that she’s relatively ill-mannered and book-dumb, while my male mc is icy and socially awkward but can hide it beneath, snark, etiquette and a relatively large amount of book learning.

Don’t worry! I’m still working on it (slowly), but I should be able to post a new update within the week!


That’s awesome! :smiley_cat:

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O, this would be a disaster/riot if tavern born.

At one point it seems the author had the intention of body elaboration, which I think would be somewhat limiting to their readers’ imagination. As it is now, we are as Brienne of Tarth or Lord Blain as we desire to be. Hopefully we will get to play in this world a bit more…

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Something I believe I was against back then, may have even argued that, unless she was really going all the way, like @Aly Seven Kingdoms does. Where we get the whole gamut of options, tall, short, muscular, athletic or the “perfect” hourglass or “V” shape and almost anything in-between.

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Same, I’m always playing the games, so when the authors disappear, their threads get locked and you know that the characters that we’ve come to love are gone, it’s be very disappointing. :cry:


Yay! The mention was premature. :smile:

The biggest graveyard there ever was!

Its still going, Tall tale of Draigs (WIP) formerly known as Drágóneer (WIP)


When in Rome is still my favorite WIP ever.I wish it wad continued.


Almost 25% done with it! School, summer programs, and travelling has gotten in the way of making progress with the game. But I’m back and ready to start working on the story again! I will revive the thread when I’m 30-50% done. So don’t worry, the story’s not dead. :grin:


I’d like to see Marine Raider 2 come back


There was a game called The Resident, which had a cool premise but was never finished. I enjoyed playing it.

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