Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?

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I’m actually on the fourth (sigh) rewrite of Mist & Shadow. Not even going to guess when I’ll have something worth posting, but there is still stuff going on behind the scenes. Good Intentions is probably 80% done but it was my first coding project and needs…so much tlc to unscramble the terrible coding decisions.

Very nice to see someone still remembers my literary flailings though! :smile:


A Cage of Mist and Shadow?! Omg, I love this WiP.
I thought it was permanently dead :o


Dude i really like good intentions…I hope you’ll continue the story again someday


Take your time and keep on working hard! Your work is fantastic – though I’m sure you already know – and it will be be even better if you work at your own pace. Good luck with the rewrites!

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I’ve read quite a few WIPs on COG (I am, in fact, addicted) and I can definitely say that there are a few abandoned pieces that I would kill to see finished:

The Eye of Westerhollow – I don’t know the exact status on this WIP because I don’t follow the Tumblr, but I’m assuming it’s either abandoned or going through some serious planning because the last update was in 2019 (I think?). Anyways, the WIP is just the prologue and a sliver of chapter one but the premise is so interesting and I was immediately hooked.

From Ashes We Rise – The author states on her post that she hasn’t abandoned the WIP but it hasn’t been updated since 2016 and has been locked since 2017 sooo – do with that what you will. It is a really interesting WIP though and I still have a lot of fun replaying it.

A Wolf and I – I actually got really invested in this one. Very interesting and I was curious to see where it was going but its been a while since it has been updated. Hopefully I just missed some word on whether it’s abandoned or going through replanning/writing because I’m honestly too stubborn to give up on half of these.

Spellbound: A Ghost Story – Don’t know if you would consider this one abandoned rather than on hiatus since its only been a little over a year since it was updated, but I figured I’d mention it here just because I really like it and if it’s not, other people who haven’t read it will get a chance to.

I could probably keep on going but I think I’m going to leave it there since I wrote this in place of doing economics work that really needs to be done.


@Jeeb_Jeeberson Hello, I’m really glad you liked the premise for The Eyes of Westerhollow. I do plan to bring the WiP back to life, the reason for the long absence has been a combination of factors, mostly concerning my mental health and struggles with executive dysfunction. It has also been going through some planning, but that process would have been sped up considerably if my life circumstances didn’t require the bulk of my focus elsewhere. Anyway I just want to assure you the project is not forgotten and I very dearly and earnestly wish to get back on track as soon as possible, whenever that may be. Hopefully not another 3 years… :no_mouth:
Have a great day! :heart:


How about Veil:Prophecy? I really liked the premise … Im just kinda miffed that Its cutted too shortly

Hello! Love your work but I want you to know that no matter what, mental health and personal well-being come over everything else. Take as much time as you need – or want – even if it does take another three years. Life requires so much more time than a lot of people realize and I do hope I didn’t come off as pushy or rude in my comment.

I am glad that the WIP still has relevance though, and I’m sure I’ll be there to read your work then, just like I am now.

Much love and have a day :two_hearts:


You didn’t come off as pushy or rude, don’t worry! Mostly I’m just glad you still remember my tiny little wip, it gives me motivation to keep working on it, and I have been working on it, just very very sporadically and inconsistently.

And thank you! Your words are truly appreciated. :heart:


I’d bring back Atheina: A Story of the Gods and Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights, both had fun demos and great concepts.

A Hag Called Fate and Rokusuppo would be cool too.


mortal hero: patron of the gods. it has a variety of gods to choose from and i just honestly enjoyed how the story flowed. also adored the mc’s brother.


Isn’t that one still ongoing? IIRC the author updated their tumblr recently.

oh really? i dont keep up with tumblr often tbh. the thread is closed so i assumed the worst of it

Wish it was easier to know which WIPs are actually dead and which ones are in an indefinite hiatus


Oh goodness cracks knuckles
i’d bring back fox of sunholt and the caged songbird.
castaways was another good one, the unwanted warrior… oh man, land of slaves and steel and The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia! i miss those so much…
Abysm’s Veil too.


As far as I know, The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia is not dead.


Oh? i assumed cause the forum page was inactive lol

Its not?

That’s a very common assumption, but isn’t always true. Threads will be automatically closed by the forum software after 60 days of inactivity. This may seem harsh at first glance, but considering just how popular some of these locked topics were, leaving them open runs the risk of cluttering the forums and keeping newer WIPs from being seen.

Of course, lots of things could cause a short two month absence, and the most common explanation I’ve seen is simply that the author got busy or didn’t have the time. Regardless of the cause though, authors are always welcome to message us to reopen their WIP threads no matter how long it’s been.

Finally, as others have noted, a lot of these authors have a presence outside of the forum. Because they run these blogs or patreons directly, they’re usually the most up-to-date, so I highly recommend that fans check them up every once in a while to see how things are going.