Which one would you prefer?

So, I have two ideas for a COG game, and I’d like to know which idea you guys’d like more:
Neverborn: A modern fantasy where after a worldwide EMP, certain individuals display “patronage” from either heaven or hell.

The other idea is set in a fantasy world similar to sabres of infinity, but in this case it’s in an army that uses zepplins.

So, which one would you prefer? Drop a reply and I’ll get to work in my first ever story!

The first idea sounds like you’ve planned it out more. Sabres of infinity + zeppelins doesn’t feel very inspired at the moment although I’m sure if you were to detail them more it might sound more interesting.

Modern Fantasy

The first one, modern fantasy

Ya got me. I knew SOF+Z wouldn’t be in high demand due to GoI coming out soon, but It’s still a sweet idea and I wondered what the consensus would be. It’s still not set in stone, I just know the names of each of them.

You realise when an idea is better than the other one when it’s build from ashes… ( 0 )

And! when it is yours only :stuck_out_tongue: (You can guess my answer))

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Neverborn sounds like a good and more of a planned out idea

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I like Neverborn’s idea.

The first one Neverborn

With how many people are saying the first one I guess the second one will… Never be born… Never born…

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Punches SheaMc through a wall
I guess you should.
Never have borne that joke.
Puts on shades

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The second one will never born you said?

What about I go back in time and make everyone say otherwise?


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Make Neverborn first.

I’ve been storyboarding neverborn, and it looks like the EMP idea is a bust. It’s too hard to get characters from A to B without cars. Or motorbikes. Or…

Use zeppelins!

Or you know… walk? Cycle? Horses? Mutant dogs? Sledge?


First one seems to be quite interesting :smile:

I agree with @Maxmansung, get creative on a work around!

Easy fix: it’s finland. DOG SLEDS FOR EVERYONE! :wink:

But seriously, this means that tens of millions of deaths, kinda removing the heaven/hell thing, as it appears that God dosn’t care about humans, making most of the background religious conflict kinda null. Oh s**t. SPOILERS!

Maybe the Devil briefly incapicated God and launched the EMP.

Have you not heard of the black plague? Millions died and just just made people more religious.

When millions die people either become super religious and blame people’s evil nature for the gods causing mass dealths, or they blame God’s and turn on them.

People in either of those situations still believe in God’s and either can be seen as good or bad people