Which game has been the saddest for you?

Way Walkers: University, a friend zone simulator.


Why did you remind me of that… I cri evrytym.

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too many to count, any game where the MC dies, a child dies a horrible death, or animals are hurt or killed in, usually make me sad


Alicemare. you just can’t win. and the author wrote a short novel about it for some extra sadness!

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Beyond two souls had me crying my eyes out.

But actually, something that makes me cry every single time is one scene of WoW. In the Legion expansion, when you have to kill Ysera because she has been corrupted by fucking piece of shit Dorius (yes I hate him). When Ysera cries at the moon, and Elune (goddess) answers, carrying her soul to the night sky, making Ysera a constellation under her, ugh, just thinking about it makes a knot on my throat.


I don’t know if it is just me but I feel having an emotional story or at least a part that pulls at your heart-strings makes it memorable and worth the read.

I will just list the Stories where I was I was a mess of emotions.

Fallen Hero: Rebirth
The whole ride through was a rollercoaster of emotions. The flashbacks and choices did NOT save me. I went with the Ortega Route. It is as @Camille622 said, the MC has the option of loving Ortega but no matter what, is unable to tell them their feelings because ultimately they are not human/diminished and do not deem themselves worthy to be with a human The can only love the RO from afar. Although the concept of the puppet was also a big OOF, I’m sure there are some of us that think life would be different, easier if we looked a certain way or looked like someone else. :frowning:

Study of Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight
One word: Finch.
You all covered the rest.

The Eagle’s Heir
Similar to Fallen Hero in a sense but less intense yet still makes me cry.
You have the option of romancing the heir whilst you’re just of lower status.
You can either protect him at all cost or not but the content is well written although I found the ending a bit ‘meh’.

The Harbinger’s head
a Bittersweet death.

Here are some promising WIPs for that sad soul.

Son of Satan: Mortal Coil by Dae-kalina
Ramiel ANGST. Nuff said.

'Til death do us part by will
Oh the feels I get with this one…I’m so lonely. They all leave me

Model Citizens: Unmasked by RenaB
There is the option for the MC to cling to their old wedding ring and feel stuff.
Considering I read this right after I read Fallen Hero …. feels.

and finally of course

Fallen Hero: Retribution by malinryden
for obvious previously stated reasons.


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I cried at the giraffe scene in The Last of Us. I know it’s not an ending, but that scene was just so much to take in after what David almost did to her. It was just so tender and sweet. I didn’t cry at the ending of the game, but man was I absolutely floored when Joel lied straight to Ellie’s face about the Fireflies. That ending still gives me chills.


The 2 text based games that have messed me up the most are probably the Samurai of Hyuga series. I’ve cried several times through the series as a whole and the end of three wrecked me. The other one that jumps to mind right away is The Ghost of You on steam.


Telltale Games The Walking Dead: Season One was the saddest ending for me. My nephew and I were playing and I couldn’t handle the ending, so tears just started to come out of me. I looked at my nephew to see if he was crying as well - he wasn’t, but I knew he was trying not to cry. Thinking about it now is making me sad.

I’m glad I played The Walking Dead with my nephew because it led me to Interactive Fiction in the first place.

Because I keep seeing Samurai of Hyuga a lot, I’m going to give it a try.


Choice of Vampire 1 and 2 waiting for 3 has made me cry for years now


The Grim and I has been the most emotional COG for me… Doesn’t matter how many times I play it, I still cry.
Props to Thom for being such a great writer.


Absolutely agree with this. I’m not known for emotional displays or tears of any sort, but this story evoked both in me. Just really powerful stuff.

The other that comes to mind immediately is when Grace dies in A Study in Steampunk. I took the option to wander the streets until someone finally killed me because I could viscerally feel the character’s anguish. I could feel how physically and emotionally drained they were, how empty life had suddenly become… It’s a really powerful moment that’s stuck with me ever since I read it.


Outside of CoG/HG , Connected Hearts and Trick or treat are the sadest for me… especially connected hearts, where the spirit of the Protagonist’s lover came back to remind me of the old bondingship we once had before my amnesia

As for CoG , it is Heart of the House when i get the ending of Oriana return back to her homeworld , i felt totally lost after the world was safe … but i will never see Oriana again


The Grim and I if you chose the spouse route, let go or not, it still wrecks you.

Study of Steampunk, Grace! Let her die or save her, either one still ends in tears. And Finch, poor Finch.

Fallen Hero: Rebirth (Retribution as well) there are moments and choices here that are just punch in the feels.

Also, a Choices game titled Endless Summer. Depends on the choices you made the end is bittersweet.

There is also TO THE MOON. This one is just sad.


I always thought that I would never cry over an ending that happened in a video game no matter how sad it might be, but Life Is Strange proved that wrong.


This is a great question! I’d have to say Fallen Hero: Rebirth was probably the saddest for me. Ohhh I could just go on and on about that game but I’ll refrain.

Saddest normal game would have to be Night In The Woods. A masterpiece of a game that is the second game to ever make me cry. I’m talking I bawled my eyes out. The story is amazing and the soundtrack just makes it 10x as powerful.

At the end of everything. Hold on to anything.


I cried at the end of Zombie Exodus, mostly due to my uncle dying a month earlier. He was much like Uncle Lou. In a different form, From Ashes We Rise saddens me due to circumstance. Such a great game’s progress has been halted due to the circumstance of Wraith’s personal life. Also, Choice of Rebels made a mess of me. I chose to romance Breden as a noble, and that was quite the roller-coaster of emotions.

As for games other than Hosted/CoG, Mass Effect 3 made me tear up, especially after hearing Tali’s “I have a home”


The end of Heroes Rise Heroes Fall was actually a bit sad


Oh boy… where do I start?

Samurai of Hyuga is starting to tread this route, simply because of all the crap your Ronin goes through. Your super technique, The Jigoku Itto Ryu or something was acquired by your Ronin by eating other orphans at their hometown of Genfu. Did I mention they were also a a rape child? And that their psycho ex-lover Jun/Junko went insane after a mix of being raped by their father repeatedly during their childhood, being betrayed by the Ronin, and using the Jigoku technique too much?

How about your doctor companion in book 2, Momoko, who’s hunted down by Jun/Junko and has their tongue cut out for having a crush on the Ronin? What about the Ronin’s student that they fail to save, no matter what choices you make? So much shit happens in their life that you slowly unravel. Unlike so many typical edgy MC plot out there, it never throws this all at once. Tiny hints and flashbacks are dropped ocassionaly, which makes you all the more horrified once you realize what happened in the past. It’s morbid to all hell, and I love it.


Not going to lie, I cried more over some small lines in Choice of Robots than I (probably) should have.