Which game has been the saddest for you?

Of course I love me some happy endings in a game, but sometimes I’m in that special little mood where a more bittersweet ending hits the spot better than if everyone is all happy and joyful all the time. Mix it up a little, you know?

So on that note, which game (primarily looking for COG or Hosted Games but any game is fine too) have you played and either bawled your eyes out or left you in a little less-than-happy mood for a short while?


This is pretty loaded lol!

Can’t say too many HG and CoGs really left a lasting sad impression on me, and I tend to mostly stick to happy ending games, but the one game that made me feel like crap was the ending of Red Dead 1.
Just getting to know John, and experiencing all the stuff he’s going through to finally have end the way it did was pretty sad for me. Currently I stopped playing RDR2 because I have a feeling it won’t end well, and I know John’s suffering only continues in the first game.


Any of the bad endings in any Kgold games really. The most recent game of his “Choice of Magics” has a myriad of tragic ends for our plucky protagonist.

For example, I died, my wife is widowed, the kingdom is in shambles and a disaster is soon to befall upon its lands. Its all the more tragic considering you really get attached to those characters and the Mc.

Try em!


The Grim and I. That book is able to make you feel sad for the lost of your fictional life


Haha that’s what actually wanted me to ask this question. The writing and the general melancholy throughout the story was heartbreaking and beautiful, especially if going through the story with your main priority being love :smile:


fallen hero: rebirth…break your heart alot .

choice of the robot as well .


The City’s Thirst for sure. Outside CoG, Bastion has always given me a ton of bittersweet feelings.


Both visual novels " Connected Hearts " and " Trick and Treat "

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To the Moon.I played it while downloading a big game the name of which I’ve long forgotten,just to pass the time.But what an emotional trip it was.Can’t think a cog though,there are some moments,but so far I haven’t played a whole sad cog story


Red dead redemption 2 genuinely made me cry. And hosted I would say lost heir 3 simply because of the fact that it was last in trilogy and there won’t be any sequels.


Community College Hero. The ending itself may not be super sad, but just before the ending scene I was in tears when a certain hero dies. In fact I restarted the game 5 times before I finally realized that scene was unavoidable.


Valiant fucking Hearts. Oh god. Ending of this game made me cry for 2 days straight :cry:
(also Bioshock: Burial At Sea Episode 2 ending had the same effect on me … shit)
For COG and alike games I’d say that I distance myself from very emotional moments because I have a lack of visual immagination thus sad moment for me was when … Oh! When Unit Bravo couldn’t defeat Murphy in Wayheaven Chronicles! That was pretty sad I guess.


Tally-Ho actually might have had the saddest ending, in a CoG for me. It’s not a really sad game, but I made some mistakes, and ended up alone. The game was pretty light-hearted most of the time, but the themes of having feelings that you must hide really resonates with me, and I got super wrapped up in that character.

Fallen Hero:Rebirth takes the prize for saddest moment in a HG. My character is so conflicted to begin with, every moment is tinged with a dozen different emotions. She’s in love with Ortega, but can’t allow herself to show it, but there’s that one moment when she’s in her puppet body flirting with Ortega, and she can’t help it. The freedom to say say what she feels next to the knowledge that she can only say it because she’s so well hidden…it kills me.

Outside of the CS world. Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I…knew what was coming. The whole thing is a prequel so right from the start it could only end one way, but by the time we got there… I identified with Chloe so strongly in this game. As the ending approached I would have taken anything. Any flimsy, time-travel, alternate universe, ret-con BS that made it so what had to happen, didn’t happen. None of that happened, of course, the real and right ending came, and I curled into a little ball and wept for hours.


That Dragon, Cancer. No competition. Nothing even close. Bawled eyes out again and again.
Walking Dead season one was also pretty sad, of course, but not pediatric oncology sad.

In the CoG/HG lineup, I think the only one bittersweet enough to move me so far was Choice of Robots


The Grim and I… Cried my heart out.


Choice of Robots was certainly fairly sad, also a couple of the Les Miz inspired endings in Eagle’s Heir. Choice of Romance was also a bit tragic, since I played the MC in love with the Queen, though he ended up killing her. Analogue: A Hate Story, was very tragic, even when it ended happily.


I can’t say games have ever really mad me emotional though there have been a few that have brought a tear to my steely resolve. Namely the end of assassin’s creed black flag, the really cheep shot of all your dead friends set over the really emotional singing got to me.

And in these interactive fiction books the one that hit me was the ripper ending for a study in steampunk. That fact that your character has just lost your beloved wife to coleria and being lost to depression that you become a vigalenty was really a heartbreaking moment. Then your discovered by finch and you can have a real emotional conflict of attacking your best friend or surrendering to your fate, and though he knew you comited the crimes he tried to find a way to save you. And how even after the crimes you’ve commented, and how ever you reacted to him. He refuses to let anyone mark your name with what you’ve done, and continues to call you his friend and a hero, that brought a few tears to my eye.


Choice of the robot… depression :confounded::sob:


The Grim and I. No matter how many times I replay it, it never fails to drive me to tears.


I also messed up my Tally Ho playthrough and ended up alone and was devastated … Since replayed and received much, much better ending, but yes, very much understand your feels.

In addition, I also got one of the worst endings in Heart of the House, and just sobbed…