Which e-ink devices do you use to play CoG and HG?

Hi! Recently I’ve seen some people asking if reading CoG and HG on e-ink devices is feasible or others requesting features that would allow a more smooth experience in browsing the website (like sorting options for games), but nearly no mention of what devices are actually being used.

So, out of curiosity I’d like to ask in this community, which e-ink device do you specifically use? (Or if you don’t someone you know that uses them!)

I’d like to hear some first hand experiences, thank you very much for any response!

I use an Onyx Boox Poke Lite 4! It has android built in, so I can install CoG/HG apps. Feels really good to read on it, in my opinion. Although, the screen can only show in black and white so some of the cover pictures especially the ones with a lot of darker colors are pretty blurry/unclear.

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Thank you for your reply!
If I may ask, how’s the refresh rate on the Onyx devices? Are you able to navigate comfortably CoG’s website to read?
I guess the reading is very similar to that of a kindle, so it must be really great!

The refresh rate’s good enough (at least for me), and there’s an option for the screen’s refresh rate that we can choose according to our needs. My device tends to have slight ghosting, but nothing too bad that makes it unreadable.
In my experience, reading CoG in apps and website feels great, and it has more or less the same feeling with navigating on my android phone. But the battery drains faster when I turn on wifi so I prefer to use the apps instead of reading on the website.

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