eink device for CoG?

I have an eInk phone but it’s Chinese and doesn’t have Google Play.
I can play through the website though.

I’d like to buy a bigger eInk device to play on. Any advice on what to get?
I’d prefer a proper Android device if possible so I’m not limited to CoG but that’s just a preference.

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Just to bump the topic with some useful info:

I have a HiSense A5Pro. This doesn’t have Google Play. There’s only a buggy workaround that barely works for this phone. It’s also got some Chinese spyware on it.

The HiSense A5 can be loaded with Google Play.

Both of these phones have ~5" screens.

You can play the games on the website if your phone’s got a browser

I don’t know much about e ink devices, but if you want to switch to android with a bigger screen then I would recommend Huawei docomo dtab.
It has a 8" screen so reading and writing is quite easy, I am not sure if new dtab (if they are making them) have Google play, but mine does.

It is quite a decent device and very economical. You can find more details about it on the internet.
Forgot to mention that they are strong too! I dropped mine countless times (it doesn’t even have a screen protector), the height ranging from 1ft to 12ft and it still works like a charm! (screen has cracked but it works)