Playing CoG and HG on an android e-book reader

I was thinking since there’s an android based e-book reader like the brand onyx or meebook, can cog and hg runs on it? Both has google play, so technically the omnibus app could be installed, right?

Does anyone ever try this? I wanna buy it solely to read cog and hg :sneezing_face:


Can they run? Yeah, I don’t see why not. Android e-ink devices differ in the screen, otherwise they’re like normal tablets.

You can run everything from Tetris to KOTOR to COD Mobile to visual novels to parser IF; the limitation is the slow refresh rate of the screen. But that shouldn’t be a problem for CSGs. If for some weird reason the omnibuses didn’t work, you could use a browser to play on the website.

I’ve never tried myself (as much as I’ve had the same idea and been sorely tempted, I can’t justify acquiring yet another electronic device), but I really don’t see any reason why you couldn’t play COG titles.


Yes, the omnibus apps and the standalone apps run well on my onyx boox device.