Where to find Beginner Information on ChoiceScript and Find Art for My Game

Umm hi, I’m pretty new to this stuff, so I am in desperate need of help lol.

First, I really just need clarification on how to use ChoiceScript. I read the information on the ChoiceOfGames website, but it left a lot to the imagination, and I’m duller than a butter knife, so I kinda need a more in-depth description on how to use it.

(Plus, I think it’s better to learn from the community than the website)

Second, I have no fucking clue what I’m supposed to do for the title card thingy (as you can see I’m sooo smart). Idk about everybody else, but I’m a broke minor whose mother definitely won’t buy a commission from somebody and whose artistic ability breaks (if you put a pew pew to my head and told me to draw anything on a higher level then what a five-year-old could draw I’d pull the trigger my damn self) when it comes to anything other than writing. So if there is literally any other way (a free way) to get the title card thingys that everybody’s got than please share with the class cause I’m about as desperate and confused enough to sell my fucking soul for it.

Those are my main concerns, but as I said, I’m desperate, confused, and dumb as fuck, so any tips about literally anything that you find useful will be a tremendous help.

(God, I don’t know how to end this)

Bye, I guess.

Okay, you’re starting as almost everybody else here, nothing to worry about. Just download the choicescript game demo/ debugger from here Github-Choicescript-Master. Extract all to a folder somewhere where you like, then go to the \web\mygame\scenes folder where you’ll find a bunch of *txt files. Those *txt are a game demo, you can open them and see how it works and then start to modify them as you start creating your story.

You have a lot more help in this post

The title card thingy, I guess you’re talking about the title headers for your book and chapters? If so, here’s a guide you can take a look at to make your own without having to buy anything.


As the original poster has been pointed to the appropriate links for beginners, I’ll close this now.