Where is infinityseries?

Is there an infinityverse forum?

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Hello, @anon42713113! I see you joined recently, so let me be the first to welcome you onto the forum!

As for your question, yes, there is an Infinite Sea section here on the forums, but you need to be a bit active on the rest of the forum before you can access it, since only those on Trust Level 2 and above can post in it!

However, we also have a Discord server you can join and discuss with other fans of the series, I’ll just leave the invite link right here: https://discord.gg/etcqhBz7az

Also, in case the whole Trust Level thing I mentioned above is a bit confusing, I’ll leave another link here explaining what it all means: User Trust Levels

Once again, welcome to the Choice of Games forums!


My account is two years old and I’m pretty sure my trust level is still at new. Can I at least be moved up to basic (to whatever moderator sees this)?


Hey, Ferrata! Your trust level is currently at level 2, as you can see in this screenshot:

The way to see your own trust level is by going into the summary page of your account and clicking on the Expand button on the far left! :slight_smile:

Since the original topic was also answered, I’d like to ask @moderators to closse the thread whenever possible? Thanks!