When do you write?

Not just the specific time, but where in your schedule do you carve out blocks to make room for writing? And what exactly do you tend to cut out to do it?


Saturdays are my one day a week I have set aside for writing (and doing other things around the house when I am thinking about writing). Anything else are just an hour here and there I’ve managed to snatch away when my brain is alert enough.

What have I cut? Videogames and table-top RPG. I used to play a lot, but it’s just too time-consuming for me to keep up with. And, let’s be fair, there’s been cutting on pretty much everything else, but I can still manage to fit it in, just less of it. Oh yeah, also cut miniature wargaming/painting. No time.


I am constantly thinking on it - sometimes even in dreams :wink:

Actual working on a project usually is most efficient and productive for me in the early morning hours or right as inspiration hits (if possible).

I usually sacrifice a “regular” sleep schedule.


I have sleep problem so i have a weird schedule. I have cut a lot playing videogames abtable rpgs I try write at least one hour everyday and three or four weekend


I try to set aside an hour a day to plan a general storyline. Once I’ve settled that (which can take days or weeks), I can spend hours sitting there and writing it, even if it means staying up late wayyy later then I should.Then I’ll end up questioning my life decisions when I turn into a zombie at work.

I’ve cut a lot of dramas and other stuff to squeeze in time to write too.

But all that flies out of the window whenever updates to the demos of awesome WiPs like Fallen Hero book 2 are released. :sweat_smile: goodbye writing, hello reading.


I used to write during lunch breaks and in the afternoon when I didn’t have anything to do. Now, I don’t have any time except what I’m spending on this forum weekends.


Weekends, in theory. Writing goes a lot more slowly when I’m not working on it continuously, though. Sometimes I carve out some writing time, and end up spending all of that time rereading old bits to catch myself up. Trying to keep in the mindset of writing is proving to be a real challenge.


whenever the inspiration hit.,…and lately…its been a dry well! lol

having structure and a schedule…was fun , thrilling but so exausting .

and I’m uber lazy…so nowdays…I just write when I get inspired…thats why I have 3 story on the oven gathering dust as we speak :disappointed_relieved:


Pretty new here, but not new to writing. For me I write at night after work, every night. Stephen King is not the best writer of all time, but he and several authors have stated the main thing that makes a author is writing. If you write 1,000 words a day, sooner or later you have a story. That’s the bottom line, just have to keep yourself motivated. I find motivation easier when I am off work and can relax with some tunes.


Whenever I feel a stroke of genius. Mostly never. But when I do I write quite a lot. It usually goes straight to the Graveyard of Ideas though.

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I work on CoG and my other projects 3-4 days a week. My sleep is very broken at the moment so I’m very much not a morning person and often end up sleeping for some of the morning - my preference, though, is to get started early and write steadily through the day. The rest of my worktime is spent on admin, submissions, emailing, sorting out finances and whatnot.

Recently I’ve been working at the expense of my exercise routine, which I’m fixing because both my body and mind need physical exercise. I work better when I’m more alert.

I don’t play many videogames at the moment, and have a big backlog. That’s the major thing that I sacrifice specifically - after thinking about games all day I often don’t feel like more games in my free time. But there are lots that I want to play!


Honestly I get most of my writing done at my day job. It’s the type of thing where I’m either insanely busy or so bored I want to run screaming onto the woods. So, instead of fleeing the building, I write.

It’s definitely an added bonus that I can tell myself I’m already, sorta, being paid to write.

Nobody tell my boss. :wink:

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I work at a theater 5 days a week, and I end up writing here and there when I’m tearing tickets or selling tickets, or if I have a break between cleaning theaters because I’m naughty. :shushing_face: That usually gets me 0.5-1.5k words, and then I usually try to write at least an hour’s worth in between watching Netflix or bowling videos when I’m home. So altogether I’d say I spend a good 15 hours a week writing.


Glad to hear there are some other bad sleepers out there trying to turn that to their advantage. If having kids had not wrecked my sleep pattern I doubt I would have finished NPT in time for the contest. My big times are 11-1AM on nights when I can’t get to sleep and 4-7 AM on nights where I wake up and can’t get back. I try to avoid writing when the girls are awake when possible. I’m gone enough at work, want to be present when I am not. I also work sometimes after they go to bed from 8-10, but that’s while watching TV with my wife so productivity is usually subpar. It’s also infrequent, since we list on eBay three nights a week and always take Friday and Sunday night off.

My big sacrifice has already been echoed a few times: dem vidyagames. TV, too. I swore off console gaming for eight months while the contest roared on, and yet after that ended I found myself somewhat out of the habit. Which doesn’t mean I don’t still find ways to squander my meager writing time often enough. It just usually comes from mobile games (curse your miserable wonderfulness, Dream Quest!) or websurfing. The Pomodoro technique helps, though.


Pomodoro is excellent. I use it to focus and track my progress - whenever I don’t use it, I end up doing long periods of writing and feel burned out when I’m done (and end up having done less than I thought).


Yeah, I would have been tons more efficient if I had heard of this with Nuclear Powered Toaster. I only found about it this February. It’s great to motivate you to shut out distractions.

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I tend to write at midnight and or 3 am in the morning.

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We have similar constraints, man. I have to live my entire adult “fun/hobby” life between the hours of 9 and 11 pm (sometimes up to midnight, but I pay for it the next day).

I don’t read as much as I should, because I always feel guilty like, “This is some of my precious free time, and I should be writing instead of doing this.” Same with TV. Although Netflix’s Daredevil trumps everything.


I used to have the same problem with reading, but now I pack a book in my lunch every day. Thirty minutes a day adds up nicely. Michele got me the first ten Wild Cards books for Christmas, and I exhausted them by September even with a few other titles mixed in there for variety. Finally got 11 and 12 last week so I’m right back to it.

That’s the funny thing, is I changed from “Aw man, I just spent an hour surfing the Internet or playing a mobile game, I should have fired up the Xbox or watched some of my DVR backlog” to “Aw man, I just spent an hour watching TV or playing a mobile game, I should’ve done some writing”. No matter what, when the time is that limited there’s always a pressure to maximize it.

I want to watch the Marvel Netflix shows. But I haven’t even gotten through Black Mirror yet. And Bojack keeps creeping in there to steal away time. Stupid Todd, ruins everything!

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This is such a thing for me, even when I have more time to spare. When you’re working at home, or in your free time, the boundaries between work and not-work become blurred and there’s internal pressure to spend ALL the time on writing.